New iPhone 12 video leak shows off new design

Sparrows News shared a new video captured from a Chinese video-sharing site. It is a short clip of someone turning the iPhone 12 around in their hands, showing us all sides except the bottom edge.

Apple’s iPhone 12 is coming very soon. Most leaks seem to agree on an announcement coming in October. The exact date is still being questioned, but the second week of October has been suggested as a possibility.

While the exact date remains concealed, there have been plenty of details revealed over the past few weeks. For those that just can’t wait for the official announcement of the iPhone 12 lineup, this is the perfect time to review what’s been suggested so far.

New leaked video

The upcoming Apple iPhone 12 and its retail packaging may have been revealed in a new video leak.

The new video, captured by the Chinese video-sharing site BiliBili, was shared by Sparrows News, an Indian outlet with little recognition in the world of Apple leaks.

The leaked video, as reported by Tom’s Guide, is a short clip of someone turning the iPhone around in their hands. The video also shows the audience on all sides of the phone except the bottom edge. The display is on, with the phone still in its initial set-up phase, which means that this isn’t a simple dummy like the other iPhone 12 leaks we’ve seen.

Previous rumors have said the most noticeable change to the iPhone 12 from the iPhone 11 will be its flat side. The leaked video can confirm this report.

In the background, you can see the box of the phone, which looks identical to the iPhone 11 Pro’s packaging. Apple usually makes a few changes to the packaging of its phones between generations. However, it’s possible to see this older packaging as a method of disguising the phone while in transit.

iPhone 12 Size Leaks

The other big physical difference in the iPhone 12 series compared to the iPhone 11 will be the new sizes.

According to rumors, the upcoming flagship lineup will offer four models in different measurements. As of now, we cannot figure this out yet. It’s hard to conclude what phone size is showing in the video. However, we’d guess it’s either a 6.1- or 6.7-inch model.

A smaller notch was rumored, meaning you’ll get a bit more display space while still enjoying the convenient security of Face ID. There doesn’t look to be any sign of that here, although it could be a more subtle change than we’ve been hoping for.

Images used courtesy of Tom’s Guide

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