New killer, survivor added as part of ‘Dead by Daylight’s Chapter XVII

Dead by Daylight Chapter XVII's 'The Blight'

The mystery behind the events of Dead by Daylight is expanding as it sees a new chapter in its tale with Chapter XVII. To coincide its expanded lore, the game is introducing yet another Killer and a Survivor, both of which make for a significant addition in the overall roster.

The Alchemist

The new killer to terrorize the Survivors comes in the form of an alchemist called “The Blight.” Described as “ambitious” to the point of trading his humanity and sanity for power, this maimed killer is a force to reckon with, literally, for its aptitude in building momentum and tackling whichever it comes across.

More than just his strange looks, The Blight also possesses a new unique set of perks as well. Such as the Dragon’s Grip and Hex: Undying, which exposes Survivors for a short duration and Hex: Blood Favor that prevents nearby pallets from getting pulled down.

The Architect Survivor

Another character to come into the game is the Survivor, Felix Richter. One who is described as a successful architect who was separated from his comfortable lifestyle. Endowed with the resourcefulness and repertoire, Felix has an unbending resolve of going back to the life he knew.

Like The Blight, this survivor comes with his perks, which makes him an efficient participant in the Trial. They include being able to spot generator auras within 32 meters, increased healing and unhooking, and a faster item refill.

Apart from the addition of two new playable characters, the Player Test Build also showcases a few notable alterations to the game. Particularly, in concerns an updated design and animation for actions involving the opening of chests, fixing of generators, hiding in lockers, and pulling down of pallets. In addition, there is also a visual overhaul in the maps within the Yamaoka Estate and Springwood.

Gameplay Improvements

Essentially a massive improvement to the game, the enhanced design, and animations make the game look more realistic and immersive. One example to note is the new depiction of how Survivors fix generators. Appearing more convincing than merely having their hands hover over the contraption.

Another department of the game that sees new contents is the slew of offerings. One is a rare offering, the Sacrificial Ward, which has the power to cancel other offerings that otherwise send players to a certain realm.

The rest is made up of common offerings, which, while a few have commonality, has their distinct difference as well. Bloodied Blueprint reveals the aura of hooks from the basement for at least 20 seconds at the start of the Trial. Torn Blueprint, on the other hand, raises the chances of a basement appearing underground. Both of which underpinning the theme of “under dwelling.”

Annotated Blueprint raises the possibility of a Hatch appearing within the Killer Shack. Similarly, the Vigo’s Blueprint does the same, only applying in the main building.

Eager players can expect to see the full implementation of these changes in the coming weeks after a successful PTB.

Image used courtesy of OhTofu/YouTube Screenshot

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