New ‘Mafia’ Definitive Editions riddled with performance issues

New 'Mafia' Definitive Editions riddled with performance issues

Fans are absolutely livid at the myriad of technical issues that came with the updated releases of Mafia 2 and 3: Definitive Edition.

Earlier this week, publisher 2K Games and developer Hanger 13 announced that they would be working together on Mafia: Trilogy—a compilation of all three games in the series.

The collection would include a complete remake of the first Mafia title and definitive editions of the second and third installments.

Mafia 2: Definitive Edition would be a remastered version of its 2010 release, while Mafia 3: Definitive Edition would essentially be a re-release including all of its downloadable content.

The announcement was met with excitement and intrigue, as fans of the series couldn’t wait for a reason to jump back into their beloved games.

The enthusiasm quickly turned into disappointment and dismay, however, as the so-called “Definitive Editions” turned out to be plagued with performance problems.

Not-so “definitive” editions

While the remake is still in the works, Hangar 13 managed to release the second and third titles in the Mafia: Trilogy on May 20 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The developers succeeded in delivering a much prettier Mafia 2 using the game engine from its sequel, but it came at the cost of significant bugs and performance hiccups.

Upon release, many users complained about intense slowdowns on all platforms (even on the PC and Xbox One X) that rendered the game almost unplayable.

Others have experienced a multitude of laughable graphical glitches such as disembodied heads floating around, jarring clipping issues, and missing HUD elements.

One gamer even ranted on Twitter about a consistent game-breaking bug in Mafia 2 that caused the player to fall endlessly through the game world.

While some of these bugs can be pretty funny, more than a few of them impede the player’s ability to progress in the game, which is completely unbecoming of what was supposed to be the best versions of these titles.

The Mafia 2 developer’s checkered past

As much as fans would like to expect the plethora of game-breaking bugs to be fixed soon, the developer’s track record seems to suggest otherwise.

Before merging with Hangar 13, the original Mafia 2 developers, 2K Czech, released the original game with a bug in the final mission that halted players from completing the game.

Despite gamers anticipating an immediate resolution to the problem, it took the devs months to finally roll out a fix.

Fans seem to be using the previous fiasco as a basis for the current state of the game, leaving them less than optimistic.

The upcoming Mafia remake will also be using the Mafia 3 engine, meaning players may end up encountering similar issues. Here’s hoping Hangar 13 manages to iron everything out before its August 28 release.

Image courtesy of Mafia: Trilogy/Twitter

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