New Marksman Brody, coming to ‘Mobile Legends’ soon

Moonton’s Mobile Legends is expanding with new heroes regularly. A lot is already planned to be coming soon, but a new marksman named Brody will be the one arriving this week.

The last marksman added to Mobile Legends was Popol and Kupa, who were launched earlier this year. Now, another marksman is coming, and it’s Brody The Lone Star. Players are already excited to get their hands on the new hero. Here’s everything we know about him so far.

Release date

Brody will be released on Oct. 16. He will be available for 599 diamonds. If players don’t want to spend money, they can get him for 32,000 battle points. As usual, Brody will launch with an alternate skin that players can buy with diamonds. Players can buy the hero and his skin at a discounted package.


This marksman is one of the heaviest hitters in the role. As per Moonton, Brody can easily overpower any opponent that dares go into a duel with him—as such, playing as Brody means using the map to find heroes who are on their own.

Brody’s first skill is called Abyss Impact. When used, Brody will launch a projectile in the designated direction. Enemies hit will be damaged and given what’s called an Abyss Mark. The more enemies hit, the heavier the damage and slow effect will be on the enemies.

Corrosive Strike could be a meta changing skill in Mobile Legends. Brody dashes to an enemy. Upon impact, he can stun the enemy and damage them as well. After hitting, Brody dashes a second time in any given direction, and at the second dash, he is given additional movement speed.

Brody’s ultimate is called Torn-Apart Memory. When used, Brody deals damage to a group of enemies depending on how many HP they are missing. The bigger the HP is missing, the larger his damage will be. This skill will be very effective in team fights.

His passive is called Abyss Corrosion. As compared to other marksmen, Brody has a slow attack speed, which he makes up for heavy damage. The more Brody hits enemies, the faster his movement speed becomes. He will also have better damage to enemies with stacks of the Abyss Mark.

Brody is going to be frequently used when he arrives in Mobile LegendsPlayers should learn how to counter him immediately when he launches this week.

Image used courtesy of Mobile Legends/YouTube

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