New mod help players shuffle around ‘Resident Evil 2’ for new experience

A new mod lets players shuffle around Resident Evil 2 and change the complete gameplay experience.

Resident Evil 2 has topped the charts in number because of its gameplay and massive action sequence.

Developers have called the new mod randomizer, which helps everyone shuffle around the original gameplay and tweak it a bit.

How is the mod designed in this game?

The classic Resident Evil games focused on learning where the key items are in various and specific locations and managing various resources to survive. Typically, items like ammo and healing herbs can be found in the same location throughout every playthrough.

This has caused players to figure out a key path to take each playthrough that ensures optimal resource collection. However, some players have voiced their opinion and may want a challenging amount of compatibility in their survival horror game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake has a new mod that enables and randomizes the location of certain items creating a unique experience for each player on their playthrough.

How does the playthrough works?

This is called the Randomiser mod for RE2 Remake, which Ben Powell created.

He is a similar randomizer mod for all the Resident Evil remakes and the zombie survival simulator game called DeadOS. Powell has an amazing sense of creativity, and thus mods are something that players should play once in their lifetime.

It is a perfect reason to return to the survival horror classic if they have played Resident Evil 2 Remake to death. It seems as though the current version of the randomizer is version 0.6.3, which allows all the players to randomize all their weapons and items in the game and for any of the main scenarios in the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

The randomizer is present for those who like to have a sense of adventure and thrill added to the game otherwise. It gets too boring to find the same items in the same locations every time.

The randomizer also helps to shuffle all certain items, with key items being omitted from the randomizer. Key items are essentially anything needed to be found at a specific place and point in the game to ensure that the players can progress.

Key items mean that it does not include all the puzzle solutions that can be placed somewhere else and still allow all the players to progress. In short, the randomizer is designed in such a way so that the players don’t have to worry about being soft-locked due to lacking a key progression into the game.


Image courtesy of PlayStation Europe/YouTube

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