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New mystery weapon coming in ‘Apex Legends’ Season 7 seemingly leaked


Respawn Entertainment is already preparing the roadmap for Apex Legends Season 7, and they’ve most definitely have the content ready. On the other hand, players are busy trying to see what’s to come ahead of the next season.

Apex Legends Season 7 arrives next week, and players are already excited to see what’s next. Players can’t seem to hold on to their excitement as there are still those who are trying to datamine the game for a quick look at what’s to come. Now, one of the mystery weapons for the game has been discovered.

Dataminers discover new weapon

With the exemption of season five, every season of Apex Legends added a new weapon. So far, the new weapons have been the Havoc, L-Star, Sentinel, Volt SMG, and the Charge Rifle. Popular community dataminer, Biast12 just went through the game’s files to see the next weapon.

The post showing the weapon has since been removed at Reddit. However, those who got to see it saw that the weapon looked like a Winchester Lever Action Rifle. Some fans are suggesting that it could either be a new shotgun or a new sniper rifle coming to the game.

Many are hoping that Respawn Entertainment will instead add a traditional weapon in Apex Legends Season 7 instead of futuristic weapons. However, players may have to wait a few more days to see exactly what’s coming to the game.

Other new weapons

Apart from this weapon, players have also datamined that a new type of throwables will be available in the game. One that might be added next season is a smoke grenade similar to what Bangalore has. This new throwable is unique in the sense that it doesn’t do damage but it does obstruct the view of the players.

Some dataminers have also discovered a bow and arrow type weapon in the game. This is another exciting addition that fans want for the next season as it can add a lot of new variety to matches. However, it’s unlikely that this weapon will arrive next season as only one weapon gets added to the game at a time.

The next season of the game is set to be a big one. Players are expecting a ton of new changes for Apex Legends Season 7 and it will be more than just new content. Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment drops the season’s trailer soon as we’re sure that fans are already ecstatic for it.

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