New ‘Overwatch’ Experimental Card tests Moira changes

A new Experimental Card in Overwatch just went live, and there are quite a few changes to be tested. The focus of the new card is Moira once again, and her changes could make or break the game.

Blizzard is intent on balancing Overwatch to ensure that the game’s meta changes and new ways to play are introduced. In the game’s most recent Experimental Card, Blizzard tests out changes to Moira that could be controversial when launched.

Moira changes detailed

For starters, Moira’s Biotic Grasp distance has been reduced by 37%. This means players will need to get more up close and personal when using Moira.

While the change to her basic attack seems debilitating, Moira still gets a significant buff. This time, it’s for her Fade ability. As per the patch notes, Fade will now turn all ally heroes immune to all damage for a second once Moira ends her skill. The heroes will have to be six meters close to her.

The change is controversial as it can disrupt all ultimate abilities in the game. Some players comment that it’s a watered-down version of Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

The Biotic Orb’s damage mode is also changed. Its radius has been reduced from four to three meters. The Experimental Card will make it so that the damage of the Biotic Orb is relevant to the target’s distance to it.

Other changes

Although Moira receives a huge chunk of the changes in the Experimental Cards, there are other heroes in store for some change in Overwatch as well.

Genji has been buffed last June, and he made his way back into the meta. However, players have commented that he may be too overpowered now. The Experimental Card tests out some nerfs to Genji’s basic attack, possibly to cope with his previous buffs. The changes may be minor, but it could balance out one-half of the Shimada brother.

Echo has received a minor buff in the update, and these are now live. With the update, the sound of an enemy Echo’s hover will be significantly weaker, which makes it harder for enemies to spot her.

The Overwatch Experimental Card changes to Moira is not sitting well with the community. However, there are those that believe that the changes will introduce more skill when using the support character. We’ll have to wait and see if Blizzard pushes these changes through in the live servers.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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