New ‘Overwatch’ exploit is ruining competitive matches

Exploits can’t be helped in Overwatch, which is a game that’s constantly evolving. A newly discovered exploit not only gives players an advantage, but it also ruins the whole competitive matchmaking experience.

Overwatch isn’t free from cheaters and players that take advantage of exploits. Despite being under the strict watch of Blizzard, some players manage to sneak their dirty tactics into the game. It’s even affecting the shooter’s competitive mode now.

More smurfing

As shared by one player, there’s a new exploit that allows new players to place in gold. All new players need to do is leave five of their placement matches. Once their placements are done, they’ll be placed in Gold and not in the skill tier they are right for.

This isn’t bad news for true newcomers, but the trouble comes with facing off against players that create smurfs. Smurfs are still very common in the game, and those at the bottom ranks almost often face off against high-rank players using smurf accounts.

The exploit also poses an issue towards high-rank players that don’t smurf. For instance, if a high-rank player faces off against these smurfs, they will lose 50 SR if they are defeated in the match. If they win, they can get only up to 4 SR because of the way the SR system works in the game.

Hopefully, Blizzard addresses the issue fast as it’s going to encourage more smurfing in the game.

What is smurfing?

In a game like Overwatch, smurfing is still a common issue. Smurfing is when top players create a new account. This new account can be used for many things. It could be used as a warmup account as the players will be facing off against lower-ranked players, thus making the fights much easier.

Some top players also use smurf accounts to boost the rank of their friends who are at a lower rank than them. In worst cases, smurf accounts are used to bully new players who are still stuck at the lower ranks. Regardless of what reason, the new exploit further gives smurfs more reason to do what they do.

This new issue in Overwatch is still yet to be addressed by Blizzard, but the developer should act fast. Players from both ends of the competitive spectrum are having issues with smurfs already, and the exploit only encourages the creation of even more of them.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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