New patent shows a Samsung smartphone with pro speakers

New patent shows a Samsung smartphone with pro speakers

A recently released patent on a possibly upcoming new Samsung smartphone showcases a futuristic speaker resonance chamber.

For the past couple of years, the smartphone industry has been lacking in creativity in terms of innovation. The focus is usually on bigger screens, larger batteries, or better cameras. As such, year after year, smartphone companies released slabs of smartphones that looked similar to each other.

Fortunately, the mold is already slowly being reformed as new smartphones with unique form factors are released. Motorola started the ball rolling with the Razr flip phone. Samsung then soon followed with the Galaxy Fold. Since the inception of the original Fold, the Korean company has reached greater heights.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is even called as the best foldable phone out there in the market as of the moment. However, Samsung isn’t stopping with the uniqueness and innovation.

Samsung smartphone with a speaker resonance chamber

The majority of the premium smartphones from Samsung are created for specific markets. The Galaxy S line is its flagship phone for the general smartphone market. It doesn’t discriminate as to who uses the phone so long as premium features are sought for.

The Galaxy Note line, on the other hand, was created for users with creative minds and busy lifestyles. This line caters to those that need an extra tool, namely the S Pen, to get their jobs done. The Galaxy Z line, meanwhile, was created for the top-level users that want uniqueness.

New patent shows a Samsung smartphone with pro speakers

The last lineup could be where the new smartphone from Samsung will fit in. A recent patent granted to the Korean company showcases a smartphone that offers pro-audio. At first glance, the new smartphone looks like any regular phone in the market. However, the magic happens when the top half of the screen slightly lifts up.

When it is slightly raised, the under chassis of the screen reveals a speaker resonance chamber. This technology simply is a booster for pro-level sounding audio. The patent even describes how an internal fan will dissipate the heat produced by the speakers. In other words, the quality of sound produced by these stereo speakers will be top quality.

How will the screen slightly fold?

Samsung seems to have perfected the foldable screen tech already. No issues on the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s screen has surfaced so far. As such, the same screen technology can be used on the new Samsung smartphone. With an ultra-thin glass screen, the upper part of the smartphone can easily accommodate a slight bend to reveal the speakers.

Just like any other patent releases, the granting of this design tech to Samsung doesn’t guarantee it will hit the shelves. However, if it does, it will be the first of its kind in recent years that caters specifically to audiophiles that enjoy listening to contents without earphones on.


Image from Waldemar Brandt/ Unsplash and LetsGoDigital

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