New patents by Apple reveal iPhone 12 shocking upgrades

Apple’s iPhone 12 will deliver some of the range’s best technological upgrades in years. However, their external designs won’t change much.

Apple’s iPhone 12 launch is said to have been delayed by a month or two due to supply chain restraints due to a health pandemic. While we wait for the new flagship models, details about the camera, specs, and designs have been leaked yet again.

A new patent suggests that Apple could borrow a page from Google’s Pixel camera features and add them to the iPhone 12. Another rumor hints that the external designs of the upcoming phones won’t change much. This is because it appears that Apple is more focused on something genuinely radical to replace it.

New Patent for iPhone 12

In a new patent reported by Forbes, Apple has published detailed designs showing a potentially game-changing new folding iPhone. Yes, you read it right! A foldable iPhone 12.

New Patents by Apple Reveal iPhone 12 Shocking Upgrades

Unlike any folding smartphone existing on the market today, the new patent shows how the display can fold without a crease. Also, the image indicates that Apple will likely use glass rather than plastic material for the entire iPhone 12 series.

This possibility makes sense since Apple has filed multiple patents for a folding iPhone design over the last year. It also includes flexible control circuitry, an adjustable chassis and advanced techniques to bend glass displays.

More Shocking Upgrades

With so many rumors out there circling the Internet, the question is… will the iPhone 12 range be worth the wait? Perhaps.

There’s a lot to love and some disappointments as well. But overall, Apple is heading for its most exciting iPhone upgrade in years. Here are some more we can expect.

Rumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone 12 series is Apple’s move to integrate long-range 3D camera. Multiple sources have leaked this upgrade; that is why it is not impossible to happen.

New patents filed by Apple reveal the company is working to enhance the dot projection technology of its existing Face ID sensor to 3D map gestures as well as faces. The development will be known as “in-air gesturing,” with plans to integrate support first into the iPhone, then later into in-car control systems.

Apple will also introduce 120Hz ProMotion displays. Shifting to a 90/120Hz panel is essential to keep up with competitors’ flagship phones, many of which made a move in 2019, and Samsung will fit the Galaxy S11 with a 120Hz panel in 2020.

Image used courtesy of Miror pro/YouTube Screenshot

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