New pictures reveal iPhone 12 colors ahead of the release

Before Friday’s release, new leaks are already out showing iPhone 12 in all its colors. The pictures also give a clear look to help consumers while buying their favorite variant.

According to Macrumors, the pictures of the iPhone 12 were first released on Twitter. They were leaked by DuanRui, who’s known for giving out all Apple information in advance.

The images show the phone in white, black, blue, green, and red. Yes, the white and black are reminiscent of iPhone 11, but others are new.

Now the buyers can have a better idea of which color to go for because the leaked pictures are taken in real-world lighting and environment.

The comparison between iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

As the customers are waiting for their orders to be delivered this Friday, Oct. 23, many are still figuring out.

That’s obvious, too, since few people observe the tech YouTubers’ reactions first and then decide.

In general, by now, everyone knows what’s there for them on iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

Talking of comparison, then the Pro has an extra camera lens on the back with a LiDAR scanner.

Screen resolutions and display sizes are similar in both of them, coming at 6.1-inch. The 12 is built with an aluminum finish, while the Pro version poses a stainless steel structure.

Power in both of these comes in from the latest and greatest Apple A14 Bionic chipset.

It was touted as the most powerful smartphone phone processor right now in the Hi, Speed event last week.

The non-flagship model starts at $799 for 64GB and the Pro version at $999 for 128GB.

The release date for iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max

Although most users have ordered the regular and pro models, many of them are waiting for the Mini and premium versions.

In the virtual event last week, when it was first unveiled, iPhone 12 Mini has become a subject of curiosity. And it’s effortless to know why. Because of its very pocketable size, yet having a 5.4-inch screen.

It will be exciting to see how it fares among the buyers who want a small-sized smartphone.

Then there is the biggest of them all, iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s quite evident that it has everything that most advanced users want on their phones.

Additionally, it will also have highly improved camera features and great low-light capabilities with the LiDAR scanner.

Price-wise there’s a huge difference between these two. The affordable Mini starts at $699 for 64GB, and the Pro Max will be arriving at $1,099 for 128GB.

iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max will be available to pre-order from November sixth.

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