New ‘Prince of Persia’ Twitter account set up by Ubisoft

Prince of Persia

It appears that Ubisoft may have created a new Twitter account for Prince of Persia. This leads to rumors that a new game is coming soon.

Twitter users have accidentally found a new account for the Prince of Persia series on the famous social media website. After a fan did some research, they discovered that the account may have been made by Ubisoft to get ready for the launching of a new game.

Prince of Persia has been one of Ubisoft’s biggest game franchises in the past. Despite the game helping the studio set their mark in the video game industry, there hasn’t been a new Prince of Persia title in the last decade.

In the past few months, gamers have been receiving and discovering tons of leaks. This makes fans believe that a new installment for the game will be revealed soon.

New Twitter account

A few weeks ago, gamers in a Prince of Persia discord server found a new private and locked Twitter account named @PrinceofPersia. Since there was a fake Prince of Persia 6 website recently debunked, the group of players didn’t bother to check it out.

However, Reddit user NayamAmarshe decided to dig into it a little deeper. By choosing the Forgot Password option, he was able to trace the email address of the Twitter account.

Digging deeper

The account was registered to an email account recovery as pr******************@u******.*** which perfectly fits to “”. This led many to speculate that it is an official account.

Since most of the other official Ubisoft Twitter accounts to connect to an email ending in Logically speaking, this would mean the Twitter account is official.

In addition, the recovery email’s first part perfectly fits the title of the game. However, players are intrigued by what the last six characters maybe.

Past rumors

Players are also interested in why the gaming studio would make a Twitter account then lock it. The creation of the Twitter account coincides with a leaked canceled Prince of Persia game.

It also came along month-long speculation of a Prince of Persia: Sands of Time being remade by Ubisoft. With all these in mind, there must be something new in store for the franchise soon.

New Ubisoft games are usually announced during the E3 gaming convention. However, even with the pandemic, the company is holding a Ubisoft Forward event to update fans about the status of its games.

With these leaks almost simultaneously going out, fans can only hope that Ubisoft will soon announce a new Prince of Persia game in nearly a decade.

Featured image courtesy of GhostyHD/YouTube Screenshot

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