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New reports detail Ubisoft sexual harassment allegations


New updates regarding the Ubisoft sexual harassment allegations reveal more details. Moreover, the information shows the abuse from the company’s male employees.

Reports from French newspaper Libération detail the toxic workplace culture inside Ubisoft. The entire sexual harassment was only a part of the problem for the company. At the same time, the article shows the massive movement to internalize the culture.

Investigative piece centers Ubisoft CCO Serge Hascoët

Late in June, reports of sexual harassment came out of the woodwork. During this time, the entire gaming industry received stories about abuse and harassment. Meanwhile, one of the biggest sources for these came from within the game company Ubisoft.

The current report from the French newspaper digs deep into this problem. Moreover, the piece explores the handiwork of Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoët.

Thomas Bidaux, the CEO of ICO Partners, translated some snippets of the article. ICO Partners is a PR firm that provides market intelligence for the video game industry.

(Content Warning: The following contain upsetting content. Reader discretion advised.)

According to the snippets, Hascoet and the Global HR were complicit with the abuse. At the time, An internal reporting tool called Whispli came into Ubisoft since 2018.

The whistleblower tool existed to help people report problems on corruption. However, the HR refused to add harassment and discrimination to the report.

“Since your revelations, the situation here has gotten worse. […] [Leaders] are convinced this is detrimental to their freedom. They call it a “witch hunt”. On top of everything, as women, we became a threat. This is far from nice to go through,” said another tweet.

Ubisoft allegations bigger than expected

The Ubisoft sexual harassment allegations were bigger than thought to be. According to reports, more than 100 reports came to the company HR. Above all, many of these reports came in the form of environmental harassment.

Some of the harassment reports included teams of men watching porn at work. Moreover, many of the cases were also re-reports. The HR team acted as “the silencing arm of Ubisoft.”

Serge Hascoët was an even bigger problem. According to Bidaux’s translation, Hascoët “is even valued for his toxicity, his misogyny, his homophobia, and his management style about crushing others. For his libidinous behaviour.”

The report notes how Hascoët “drugged” employees. He allegedly makes creative directors “drink” until they pass out. Furthermore, the account notes Hascoët “blocked a woman in the elevator and put himself against her, making groaning sounds and looking her in the eyes.”

Amidst the Ubisoft sexual harassment scandal, key execs stepped down. Serge Hascoët, together with other bigwigs like Yannis Mallat and Global HR Cecile Cornet resigned. Furthermore, Ubisoft VP Maxime Beland stepped down earlier last week.

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