New ‘Serious Sam 4’ trailer drops at Devolver Direct 2020


Serious Sam 4 received a shiny new gameplay trailer today. In the recent Devolver Direct, the footage showed off a few quirky things players can expect.

Devolver Digital did not pin a specific date for the Serious Sam 4’s release except in August. The stream served as a way to show off how awesome the game has become. Not only is it superb graphically, it’s also how Serious Sam experiences should be.

Serious Sam shows new weapons and new angle

Today’s footage showed off familiar notes from the Serious Sam franchise. It’s chaotic, quirky, and full of monster-bashing fun. The game also reveals a bit of a background for the franchise’s funny protagonist.

The trailer shows that Sam Stone was once the captain of a starship. While there’s the Battlecruiser Saratoga from The Last Hope, this is entirely different. It’s called The Surveyor, and he uses it to land in quite the hostile territory.

Instead of moving further, the video moves forward through Sam’s arsenal. His list of weapons and ordnance is not, in any way imaginable, small. The arms at his disposal are ridiculous only because of the sheer amount of monsters there are.

The list starts with some tame stuff, from pump-action shotguns to automatic rifles. The scene goes on and shows rocket launchers, laserguns, miniguns, to RPGs. The footage even shows Sam dual-wielding what seems to be auto-shotguns.

It’s tons and tons of fun, and slaughtering an entire invasion force should feel great. Players have to be ready, as the new Serious Sam will be different from the rest.

SS4 comes back to its roots

Serious Sam 4 promises to differentiate itself from everything else in the franchise. A few months ago, devs at Croteam showed off their new Legion System for the game. The new system will add more monsters to the game, up to hundreds of thousands even.


Thousands upon thousands of monsters is right up Serious Sam’s alley. Even during its early years, the franchise’s pull is from the sheer chaos. The game throws an endless number of monsters at the player from all directions.

It’s curious what’s the entire space and interstellar angle is all about. There’s also that gigantic alien monster that looks like a Marauder from DOOM Eternal. It’s rare to see monsters bully Sam, much less give him a knockout punch.

For fans of the franchise, Serious Sam 4 is going back to its roots. It’s going to be a knockout level fun with a ton of monster bodies to cover the floor.

Images courtesy of Devolver Digital/Youtube Screenshot

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