New skill trees for ‘Borderlands 3’ revealed

Borderlands 3 is going to have a second Season Pass, and the new one comes with an assortment of ways to play. It’s also going to be a lot of new content for the Vault Hunters in the game.

The second Season Pass for Borderlands 3 will mostly be about new ways to play instead of story content. Aside from new game modes, Gearbox is also introducing new skill trees for Amara, Fl4k, Zane, and Moz. The new skill trees have been revealed just recently.

New skill trees

Moz’s new skill tree is called Mother Bear. In this new skill tree, Moz will be able to summon a mini Iron Bear alongside her. Usually, she’s the one controlling the bear from the inside. The Iron Cub lasts longer than the Iron Bear, but again, it’s not a permanent ally on the side of Moz.

Zane will have the Professional skill tree. In this skill tree, he is able to summon a MNTIS cannon from his shoulder. This cannon will automatically attack enemies, dealing massive damage throughout its duration. Players will be able to augment the canon with amazing bonuses down the skill tree line.

For Amara, her new skill tree in Borderlands 3 will be called Enlightened Force. This time around, the new skill tree will be focused on helping Amara deal cryo damage to enemies. Her skill in this tree is called Phaseflare. As per the developers, it is  “an orb of pure elemental energy you can push around and detonate using melee attacks.”

Like his other skill trees, Fl4k will get a new pet with his Trapper skill tree. What’s different is that instead of a beast, he will summon a robot at his side this time. Like other skill trees, the Trapper skill tree gives Fl4k access to upgrades that benefit both him and his pet.

What’s next?

Gearbox will soon focus on detailing the new game modes coming with the second Season Pass. These new game modes will help players enjoy the game in new ways much like how the skill trees lets the players try out new builds.

The second Season Pass of Borderlands 3 will begin to arrive starting next month. These new skill trees will certainly give players more ways to enjoy the looter shooter but this is just the start. In the coming weeks, we’ll be seeing some new modes for the game as well.


Image used courtesy of Borderlands/YouTube

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