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New ‘Spider-Man 3’ set photo has a Miles Morales connection


The latest leaked set image from Spider-Man 3 seems to have a Miles Morales connection. The photo reveals FEAST organization in the MCU movie.

According to Screen Rant, Spider-Man 3 will feature FEAST, an organization that is a homeless shelter. And interestingly, in last year’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the protagonist did some volunteering for it. Thus, it presents, in some way, a possibility for a future live-action interaction between Tom Holland and Miles Morales.

Speaking of the leaked picture, a Reddit user u/Archon457 shared it recently in a post.

Spider-Man 3 movie early details

Spotted in Downtown Atlanta! (Credit for the photo goes to u/Archon457) from marvelstudios

The Tom Holland film is currently filming and always gives out new details every two or three weeks. This latest leak suggesting a connection with Miles Morales seems to be a topic of great discussion among fans. What if Peter and Miles share screens in a future MCU installment, just like Sony’s video game series! That will be just way too fantastic for die-hard Spidey lovers! Currently, there are a lot of rumors and speculations surrounding Spider-Man 3. And most of them appear to come alive upon the film’s release. However, there’s no official word on anything as far as Marvel Studios is concerned.

The Feast logo in the new leaked image is essential because Miles Morales volunteered for it during his own solo game in 2020’s Sony title. Talking in terms of its comic book significance, then it was set up by the villainous Mr. Negative. How it makes an appearance in the Spider-Man 3 movie will be interesting to see. Because in 2019’s Far From Home, Aunt May did reveal her association with several charity groups/organizations. Although it wasn’t shown in an elaborated manner, it provides clues to what might happen in the future. In the comics as well as in the Miles Morales game, May had volunteered at FEAST.

But again, how it all plays out in the MCU film is hard to speculate right now because Peter is currently on the run after Mysterio revealed his identity to the world at the end of Far From Home.

Upcoming MCU properties coming in the future

Meanwhile, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have many surprises coming soon. Fans are waiting for the franchise to go back to its normal releasing cycle. But COVID-19 and its impact have been quite inevitable. Upcoming titles like Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals are witnessing more delays. And now it seems like they all might end up launching exclusively on Disney Plus instead of theaters. However, it won’t be suitable for cinema lovers who anticipate these superhero films since 2019.

Coming back to Spider-Man 3, it’s yet to get an official slot since the pandemic has delayed many Marvel projects already. The previously announced date is of December this year.

Image courtesy of sebanatic5000/YouTube Screenshot

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