New State of Play scheduled for Thursday; No PS5 news says Sony

Like most other gaming companies during this pandemic, Sony is trying to make ends meet through a virtual conference. Its State of Play wowed gamers last June, and a new one has been scheduled again.

Sony’s State of Play have been focused primarily on exclusives like The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. It has also revealed the PlayStation 5’s upcoming games and the console itself. Sony has scheduled another conference, and this time, it’s focusing on something different. Here’s everything we know so far.


The event has been scheduled for Thursday, August 6, at 1P PT/4 PM ET. Players can catch the live stream in real-time through PlayStation’s YouTube account. As per the announcement, the live stream will be 40-minutes long.

What will the stream showcase?

Sony has gone off the record to specifically say that the stream will not have any major news regarding the PlayStation 5. Fans had expected that Sony will reveal the price by now, but it seems like the event won’t be it. There’s a chance that the company might schedule another conference after this one.

The upcoming conference will instead focus on third-party titles for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. This means that despite that the generation is coming to an end, Sony’s current console might still be getting content for years to come. The State of Play could have major reveals from other developers, and fans are excited to see what’s next for this year.

The announcement also notes that the conference will have a loot at upcoming indie titles for the console.

Since the announcement was a major surprise, fans have yet to speculate on what’s going to be revealed at the conference. It’s very likely that aside from new titles, the conference will also showcase some updates on upcoming games for the console.

Fans are definitely disappointed that the PlayStation 5 won’t be at the event. Up until now, we’ve yet to know the price of the upcoming console, and hopefully, Sony reveals it soon as fans already want to pre-order.

The upcoming State of Play might not have the PlayStation 5 news that players are hoping for, but the event is still going to be big. With 40-minutes ahead of them, the stream might have some amazing reveal for the PlayStation 4. Hopefully, we could even see more news about Marvel’s Avengers, which will have Spider-Man as an exclusive playable character for the PlayStation.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/Twitter

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