New tactical RPG ‘Project Triangle Strategy’ set for 2022 release


Square Enix revealed a new RPG, Project Triangle Strategy, is in the works. Set for a 2022 release, the upcoming game has a sample available for trial.

Square Enix revealed a new RPG for the Nintendo Switch in the recent Nintendo Direct Showcase. The presentation showed off a game with the working title of Project Triangle Strategy. The title is still subject to change and will improve quite soon.

New Square Enix tRPG will use HD-2D engine

In the announcement, Square showed a brand new title that feels like a combination of all their RPGs from the last three decades. The game is a top-down tactical RPG, with a near-similar perspective as Final Fantasy Tactics.

The character designs follow the more modern aesthetics that Square had over the last few years. More particularly, the design is closer to Octopath Traveler in design. It’s also as mature as the style used by Intelligent Systems for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Square dubs the game as the “latest in the HD-2D series”. HD-2D is a series of RPG games using Octopath Traveler’s game engine, creating a beautiful, multilayered battlefield. Another game that follows this style is the Kickstarter game Eiyuden Chronicle.

It seems HD-2D is the future for tactical RPGs, as it brings the level of texture needed by most games. The lighting and textures are dramatic, adding a level of flair not present in full 2D or full 3D games.

New Square title will have brand new features

Project Triangle Strategy still has a lot of mystery to it. So far, much of the details known about the game come from the playable teaser for the project.

“In this game that continues SQUARE-ENIX’s celebrated legacy of tactical RPGs, battles take place on terrain with different elevations,” said the PR piece from Nintendo.

“A character’s attack range is determined by their location and their equipped weapon, so it is imperative to survey the battlefield before acting. Additionally, the decisions made will affect how the story unfolds and which characters will join your cause.”

The entire game so far will likely be a culmination of all the RPG prowess that Square Enix had over the years. For almost its entire existence, Square was the leader for role-playing games inside and outside of Japan.

Square has come to a point of perfecting tactical RPG stories. Similar games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Octopath Traveler were mature, layered, and discussed stories that were hard to find anywhere.

Project Triangle Strategy will be available on Switch. There is a demo available right now that curious players can enjoy.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo/Youtube Screenshot

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