New technology of cooling devices is now invented

A Swiss team has invented a technology innovation to reduce the heating problem in modern-day microchips that could reduce heating and save energy at the same time.

The new system in terms of cooling could revolutionize technology as we see and may very well increase technology development.

As is the law with every invention, computer chips can become more powerful. Also smaller in size and cheaper in price.

But as the power increased and the chip’s size decreased, the heat dissipation will go worse, leading to the machinery to consume more power than intended. Lack of a proper cooling system also poses a threat to the user.

The need for a better cooling system

It is a well-known fact that any piece of technology people use ended up getting heated. With overuse and a lack of proper cooling technology, chances may lead to fatal accidents.

This heat is present when electricity faces resistance while going through a chip’s processors, and it is a never-ending mechanical process. However, one can ensure the safety and utility of a chip with a proper cooling system.

A lack of a proper cooling system not only threatens the user, but it also consumes more electricity, as mentioned above. If the heating is not treated, it may lead to faster degradation of chips, which would render the advancements in technology useless.

Previous cooling systems have depended on structures like sinks, made from metal, then combined with fans, acting as an exhaust to let out the excess heat.

A new system: Microfluidics

According to  Smithsonian Magazine, Swiss researchers have published a study in the journal Nature, which says they have a similar solution. Unlike the previous exhaust-like systems, they have integrated a course within the microchip for its cooling needs.

Elison Mattioli, the professor who led the study, said that they had created a system that integrates chips and fluid cooling systems. They have made microchannels within the semiconductors that help in the heat dissipation process and even save energy.

As per Nature, researchers have explored using microfluidics in power converters since the ’90s but eventually failed. Mattioli and his team worked towards bringing the coolant into direct contact with the chip, whose results show a success.

While eliminating heat, Science would now be able to reduce the size of chips and further help in electronic devices’ miniaturization.

The cooling technology can influence all sizes, ranging from small devices like smartphones or laptops to more oversized products like an electric car.

Image courtesy of Kaikoro/Shutterstock

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