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New, unfamiliar grounds: Apple resolves to thrive in current business environment


Technology innovator Apple, Inc. has announced that will not stand down from the roadblocks hindering their operations due to the inevitable limitations brought by the coronavirus pandemic to key areas of its operations.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported on Monday that Apple had pushed back the production by about a month. This means that the release date of the iPhone 12 lineup will be moved from September to October 2020.

In their statement, they described the challenges they faced and how the pandemic has affected the business and its operations in many ways unforeseeable. They also expressed how they will remain steadfast in their efforts to maintain their market position.

Standing on new and unfamiliar grounds

In a typical setup, the Cupertino company sets off for mass production of its annual mobile offerings in a schedule that they strictly follow. They would start manufacturing the said phones in March before unveiling the new models in  Mid-September. The phones are then shipped to the consumers within a month.

But due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple has been operating on seemingly new and unfamiliar grounds.

Demand has dwindled rapidly in just a few months, and global consumer preferences have changed drastically as customers have shifted their priorities to basic necessities as well as health and wellness products.

Manufacturing operations across Asia were disrupted due to prolonged lockdowns and government-imposed restrictions in regards to filtering essential and non-essential goods. This, in turn, has impacted Apple offices from other regions in a domino-like effect.

Apple ensures that new iPhones are tailor-fitted to current consumer needs

Letters have been circulating online as loyal customers try to visualize what features the new set of iPhones will have to offer. As cited by some, this year’s buyers will also see the iPhone 12 lineup with 5.4-, 6.1-, or 6.7-inch OLED screens.

Apple confirms that the upcoming lineup will include 5G wireless connectivity despite some analysts predicting that such a feature may not be within the company’s budget. This means that the said phones will have better internet connectivity and lower response times.

Tim Cook, who is the CEO of Apple, Inc., acknowledged that the company has indeed been through a “stressful moment” but also highlights Apple’s strong financial position and a continued search for further innovation.

Domino-like effect on other upcoming product releases

Although the company has given sneak-peeks of what they plan to release this year, it confirmed that the upcoming set of headphones are not the only batch to experience the delay, but also its other products.

Featured image courtesy of Torsten Dettlaff/Pexels.

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