New ‘Warzone’ bug lets players see enemy location through walls

A new Warzone bug grants players the ability to identify enemy locations through walls. The bug shows a player’s name through structures.

Call of Duty players discovered that they could legally use a wallhack without installing and using any third-party software. Also, the scheduled new season has been thrown into chaos and has been indefinitely delayed because of the Black Lives Movement protests.

The developers have not announced a specific start date for the new season. It seems they are still focused on addressing all the unnecessary bugs and exploits which are haunting the game

New Warzone bug

New exploits and bugs have appeared since last month. However, the latest Warzone bug is giving players a bad time.

A Reddit user discovered that he could see enemy names through walls just by aiming his weapon’s sight down. The worst part is players can identify how close the enemy is based on the size of the enemy’s name on the wall.

Generally, the new Warzone bug will let players easily determine where enemies are hiding. Interestingly, the same bug was encountered inside Modern Warfare when the game was first launched.

The game-breaking bug became viral because it was streamed in a pro match. The developers immediately released a quick patch after the incident.

Shockingly, the bug has gained new life and has returned to Warzone. Looking at the developer’s online bug tracker, it seems like the bug isn’t being fixed, or Infinity Ward is still not aware of the Warzone bug.

Considering how this bug could break the game, fans can hope that the developers will quickly address this issue.

Other existing bugs

Gas mask bug

Sadly, this isn’t just the bug present in the game. Another glitch was found last week, where players discovered a method to stop their gas mask from breaking.

After going inside the poisonous gas with a gas mask near its breaking point, the break animation wasn’t displayed, and their gas mask was still intact. Surprised by the bug, the player stayed inside the gas for almost five minutes without his life going down.

Fans watching the stream became highly suspicious. However, up until today, no updates were given about the bug or what even caused it.

Looting bug

Another Warzone bug gives players a huge advantage even before they set foot in Verdansk. A Reddit user found out that he has three stacks of armor equipped and an extra $800 in-game money even before he got into the plane.

To trigger the Warzone bug, players should stand on the loot during the pre-match then pick it up right before going into the plane.

Featured image courtesy of Silent Nine/Youtube Screenshot


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