New ‘Warzone’ drone trick gives ‘Call of Duty’ players a hard time

Call of Duty players are taking advantage of the drone by installing a C4 to make it a flying bomb that easily blasts away enemies from afar.

The Call of Duty series is not a stranger to the drone trick. However, some ingenious players of Modern Warfare discovered a new technique to utilize drones to the next level.

Amazing new trick

In the game, the drone works as a surveillance tool that detects the movements of enemies then sends the information to all members of the team. Serving only for surveillance, the drone doesn’t have any built-in devices which could potentially deal damage.

However, this didn’t stop players from innovating new methods to weaponize the drone, making it a surprising combat trick.

Effective strategy

In one of the videos uploaded, one member of the team sets up the drone and lets it fly low. Another player throws a C4 bomb at the drone, which completes the outrageous drone trick.

After installing the bomb to the drone, the controlling it lets it fly to find an unsuspecting victim. As the drone comes close to the victim, it gets shutdown.

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However, looking at the kill cam, the players can notice the drone flying around with a C4 installed with it. With the C4 intact, it approached an enemy just to be shot. However, the C4 survives, which caused an explosion that killed the shocked enemy.

Clever players

With Season 4 just around the corner, it is satisfying to know that these old school tricks are still viable in a newly released game.

This drone trick existed in multiple Call of Duty games periodically making headlines as a humorous example of the brilliance of its players. Players even have discovered other methods to fuse equipment with vehicles and surrounding environment.

The drone trick is practically as famous as the trophy glitch, but every case showcases the distinct problem-solving ability of the Call of Duty gaming community. It will certainly be intriguing to witness what the gaming community can do with the new weapons appearing this Season 4.


Executing a drone trick is easy. One player needs to control while another throws a C4 bomb on it then let it fly to find a target.

Well-organized teams will be able to set off the C4 before the drone gets destroyed. However, whatever the result is, the bomb will certainly blast away any enemies near the drone.

Featured image courtesy of Ponyboy182/Youtube Screenshot

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