New ‘Warzone’ update introduces new Spotter Scope equipment

The recent Warzone update contains new tactical equipment. One of them is the Spotter Scope, which can provide important intel to everyone in the team.

The Call of Duty Season 4 patch has been rolled out for both Modern Warfare and Warzone. It contains new essential equipment for squad competitions, including the Spotter Scope.

The Spotter Scope is a pair of binoculars that can be picked up across the map. It can mark opponent locations for the whole team for a short time.

What is a Spotter Scope?

The Spotter Scope is equipment that gives long-range zoom and the ability to identify opponents on the minimap for all teammates to see. It will occupy the equipment slot, but unlike other items, it can be used unlimitedly.

How does it work?

Scouting the map typically requires the use of a recon drone or a sniper. However, these methods each have their disadvantages.

Sniper scopes give out a small glimmer when used, which can be visible to others. On the other hand, the recon drones are very noisy.

The equipment is a reusable scope that enables players to zoom but doesn’t have the glimmer. This means it is ideal for silently locating enemies while not giving away the user’s position.

Players can pull out the scope to scan a location and mark nearby opponents. Enemies marked by the item will also be visible to the entire team.

The only downside is the markers will disappear after a few seconds.

Where to find the Spotter Scope?

Despite being a useful item on the battlefield, the Spotter Scope is a very rare item. The game listed it as a common item, but it doesn’t look like it can easily be found scattered around the map.

The item can be found inside supply boxes or just lying on the ground all over the map. It can also be obtained as a reward for Recon Contracts.

For Call of Duty beginners, Recon Contracts are quests that require a player to go to a particular location then secure it.

How to use?

Similar to the Heartbeat Sensor, players can just press the tactical equipment key to use the scope. Holding the sight on an opponent for a few seconds will mark their location for the whole team.

The Spotter Scope has a toggle for thermal vision mode, which helps locate enemies hiding inside Warzone buildings.

Featured image courtesy of TV.Warzone/YouTube Screenshot

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