New ‘Windbound’ trailer showcases more parts of the game

Deep Silver and 5 Lives’ upcoming Windbound looks to shake up the survival genre with a new twist. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the game, and the new gameplay footage gets them more riled up for the game’s release.

The developers of Windbound recently released a 20-minute-footage of the game that showcases a ton of cool features. From the look of things, the game will be a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild clone that will be much appreciated by the community.

Seas as far as the eye could see

The game has low-polygon graphics, but despite this, the game looks wonderful. It promises countless islands to explore and a huge body of water to traverse. Based on the trailer, we can see that players aren’t going to have any trouble looking for new islands.

The distance at which the game renders what’s up ahead is impressive, and it adds a sense of immersion to the game. It also lets players know whether they are headed in the direction of a new island.

The boat as a secondary character

The player’s primary means of transportation is a boat. The players start with a raft made of logs, but as they progress through the story, they’ll be able to upgrade their boat, which allows them to travel safer and further. The game treats the boat as a secondary character as the player will have to take care of it as much as they do with the main protagonist.

Survival means fighting

Windbound is not just about exploring the vast world and its countless islands. Players will also have to fight to survive. Whether it’s against the elements or the game’s unique creatures, players will have to get creative if they want to survive in the game.

Players can craft various weapons to protect themselves. They can also approach situations with stealth so that they are riskless. It will be entirely up to themselves how they survive the game. When it comes to other survival factors like the weather, however, players will need to be more creative to ensure they can withstand rough storms.

Windbound is due out this August 28 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The game is going to put players on a huge adventure across various unique and dangerous islands. Fans are hoping that the release date is already set in stone.

Image used courtesy of Deep Silver/YouTube

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