‘New World’s’ recent changes are being slammed on Steam

The recent changes on New World are now being slammed by players on Steam!

The recent changes to the New World have been slammed by gamers on Steam. One of the major complaints is that the only way you can get a decent farming spot is by paying about $20, which isn’t making people very happy.

Since then, there has been a lot of backlash from players who have been spending money in other games or not at all due to these recent updates from New World. The price to rent a permanent farming lot has been raised to $20, which will not only rent for 48 hours but also gives the player the ability to give up to 3 spots on their farm.

This is effectively doubling the number of spots on the farm, but it requires you to use real money.

What are the various complaints regarding the game?

Another complaint is that Farming spots are being taken up by players who are willing to pay extra money for them instead of people who don’t have much money.

These players are willing to spend more money on these spots because they are more powerful; since there is no way other than spending real money that allows people without much money to get their own farms, these farmers tend to take over entire areas and drive out other farmers.

Although the company has not mentioned anything about this issue, it is clear that people are worried about this as it means that others cannot be as competitive as players who are willing to spend more money to gain advantages over them.

The last complaint regarding the recent changes is that it has made the game into a pay-to-win scenario; those who spend money on the game can get more fun and overall advantages than those who don’t.

Is the team going to address the issues?

This may be because the players spending less real money do not have much money to buy things like tools and other important things, and they will need to play harder or even buy their own tools. Although there were other complaints based on other reasons, these were the only three major concerns from gamers.

Players are upset with the New World developers because they cannot control when or what the devs do. These recent updates have completely ruined the balance of the game.

With all this happening, it got players into thinking about whether or not there is a way for developers to make money off their games without trying to push sales by selling items in games.

One example that comes to mind is CS:GO, where Valve has implemented a virtual marketplace that allows players to buy and sell weapons, skins, knives, etc. This has turned into a very lucrative business for Valve because players are always buying new items. There are even ways to store your own skins so that people won’t be able to take them.


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