New Zealand eases back restrictions after COVID-19 cases drop

New Zealand eases back restrictions after COVID-19 cases drop

New Zealand is reportedly easing back on its face mask restricting after its second round of COVID-19 cases dropped.

New Zealand was wildly lauded for how it managed to control the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. However, as it went back to normal, a number of cases emerged.

It can be recalled that in mid-August, the government had to revert back its COVID-19 restrictions as it controls the spread. Only a month later, preventive protocols are slowly taken down.

Everywhere except Auckland

BBC reports that beginning midnight on Wednesday, the pandemic restricions are only required in Auckland. Meanwhile, the rest of New Zealand will be lifted from COVID-19 restrictions.

Moreover, the wearing of face masks is now limited in Auckland and on planes.

Auckland is reportedly the “heart” of the latest COVID-19 outbreak. Nonetheless, the city will only be reverting back to its “lowest four-tier alert system,” level one.

This decision was followed by seven days of no COVID-19 cases reported.

Face mask protocols

Furthermore, the face mask protocol has since been a divisive argument in the western part of the world. The Asian countries have long grown accustomed to face covering, however, the opposite can be said to countries like New Zealand.

Debates about the wearing of face masks were rampant amid the pandemic. Nevertheless, this is now the least of the NZ people’s problems starting today.

Accordingly, the government no longer requires the wearing of face-covering in the general public, most especially in public transportation. This is due to the observation that there is no trace of community transmission.

With that said, the people are back to their large gathering traditions. Weddings or sporting events are already permitted, as social distancing protocols will also be lifted.

Although, as mentioned earlier, face masks will still be required on planes, especially, “from and via Auckland.”

The news outlet also singles out the importance of wearing face mask while on “all Air New Zealand flights.” The reason behind singling Air New Zealand flights is due to a connection that was traced by the authorities on Wednesday.

Accordingly, the three new community cases is not conclusive nor link to the Auckland cluster. Instead a connection was made to “recent chartered flight from Christchurch to Auckland.”

Despite having successfully managed the spread of COVID-19, even the second time around, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield reveals he had self-doubts amid the height of the outbreak.

The Guardian reports that Bloomfield suffered from imposter syndrome and anxiety, aside from self-doubt. Nonetheless, as clearly seen, Bloomfield and the rest of the government have done a great job of keeping the spread at a bare minimum.


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