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Newest Apple iPad set to overtake iPad Air in specs


The next Apple iPad to be announced will allegedly be the base model of the iPad instead of the iPad Pro or the iPad Air, contrary to earlier rumors.

Apple still has some tricks left up its sleeves for this year. Headlining the news, of course, is the iPhone 12. The details about the new line up have been leaked so much that Apple will find it hard to surprise its fans. Nevertheless, the excitement for the phone is still at an extremely high level.

Jon Prosser said that the hardware launches of Apple would be staggered. The first domino to fall will be the iPad. There is still no assurance whether it will be launched via a live event. However, Prosser said that it would just be launched via a press release.

Apple iPad full details leaked?

Contrary to earlier rumors, the next iPad to be released is just the iPad base model. It will not be the Pro or the Air model. Nonetheless, the final round-up of the iPad is exciting, considering the numerous updates about it.

Firstly, the iPad will allegedly get a USB-C port. Outside of the iPad Pro, no other device within the Apple ecosystem has a USB-C charging port. If the rumor is true, that would mean the USB-C will arrive earlier on the iPad than the Air model. It is an exciting thought because the USB-C makes a device extremely versatile.

Secondly, the new iPad will also drop the TouchID sensor. In other words, the iPad will look almost identical to the iPad Pro. It also means that the iPad will get a FaceID sensor. Again, if this is true, that would mean that the iPad will overtake the iPad Air in premium features.

Lastly, if the iPad will be almost identical to the Pro model that means the Magic Keyboard of Apple will also work on it. Essentially, the iPad is the watered-down version of the Pro. Be that at it may, the iPad will provide overall superior value over other tablets in the market.

What happens now to the iPad Air

The fate of the iPad Air still hangs in the balance. No concrete proof of its next version has been leaked. Therefore, it may or may not release have a successor. Considering the alleged upgrades on the iPad, it would make little sense to buy an iPad Air. That is unless Apple introduces game-changing upgrades on it.

If it does, it may hit the market sometime around March or April next year.

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