Newest Google ‘Sabrina’ dongle showcases powerful features


Newest Google ‘Sabrina’ dongle features integrated Google experience with Google Assistant and dedicated remote control.

Google had great success when it launched the first-ever Chromecast. The dongle was sold at a starting price of just under AU$100. It made all televisions with HDMI ports smartphone pairing capable.

The smartphone pairing opened the window to make online browsing possible. Now more than ever, the need for the Chromecast is more dire because of the pandemic and the new normal. As such, Google is reportedly launching a new successor for the Chromecast, which is codenamed “Sabrina.”

“Sabrina” is Google’s alleged newest Chromecast

XDA Developers were able to get their hands on exclusive information on the newest streaming media device. The information was obtained from a pre-release firmware discovered by one of XDA’s recognized developers.

The leaks founded by XDA should just be treated as rumors for now. That is until Google themselves confirm the information. Nonetheless, the new ‘Sabrina’ casting device is a device worth getting excited for.

According to XDA, Sabrina will work just like the Chromecast. It will have its casting functions and content streaming services. What differs it from the Chromecast is its separate remote control device.

The remote will not only have the regular functions of remote control but will also have a special Google Assistant button.

Google Assistant button

Having a dedicated Google Assistant button for the remote is a plus factor. Soon, users will be able to control the content they’re streaming with voice control. Not only that but browsing the net through the dongle will also be a breeze.

The Sabrina device will allegedly be released within the Google Nest product line. That is to say that Sabrina will easily be a part of Google’s home needed devices.

Google Sabrina strategy

The release of Sabrina is a timely one. All of Google’s rivals, such as Apple and Roku, have been ramping up their activities in this arena. That means Google’s Chromecast is now being outpaced in the media streaming device market.

XDA adds that Sabrina is not just any casting device. It will push content to its users. Certainly, it will have Youtube contents, as shown in XDA’s released insider pictures. Not only that, but Sabrina may also have Netflix and Amazon contents push too.

Pricing and colors

Sabrina will not be as stiff as the Chromecast in terms of its colors. XDA’s insider info shows that the device may have a pastel pink color outside black and white. The finish of the device is also up for debate. Nevertheless, the leaked pictures show that the finish might be close to a sandstone texture.

Sabrina’s pricing will most definitely be within the Chromecast price range at under $100.

Image from XDA Developers

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