Newest ‘NieR Re[in]carnation’ trailer shows off game’s combat and more

NieR Re[in]carnation official webpage snapshot

The latest trailer for the developing mobile title, NieR Re[in]carnation, which showcases the game’s combat mechanics, environment, as well as a motif which would be the centerpiece of the game’s tale.

The first trailer of NieR Re[in]carnation has been pretty sparse when it comes to its showcase. Showcasing mostly only the game’s diverse setting and unique music, the initial video trailer reveals little on gameplay.

The sceneries themselves are not necessarily shabby. However, for a game that is not explicitly stated as “platformer,” many were left guessing how the game would pan out on mobile.

More Revelations

But that was a few months ago. Now that a new trailer is released, we have been given a peek on what the game is all about, albeit tidbits of it.

The very first few parts of the trailer starts off similarly as the initial trailer. We have the nameless protagonist and her sidekick, apparently called “Mama,” run across the game’s various places referred to simply as “cages.”

However, unlike the first, this latest video starts off with a cryptic premise which only leaves audiences guessing. Others possibly more intrigue about the game. Knowing the series, there is bound to be revelations along the way, adding further fuel to the interest.

New Faces

Like previous NieR titles, it seems like our damsel protagonist is not alone in this game, despite what the premise might depict. Throughout the trailer, we have seen various characters see portrayal in both 2D and combat.

Speaking of combat, another interesting highlight of the trailer is the game’s ultimate reveal of the gameplay. The game, as it appears, plays like a role-playing game, turn-based being its mechanics. The RPG element is further made obvious by the showcase of the damage output display.

The gameplay footage has been very brief which gives little to deduce from. But from what is shown, we got to see what the game’s beautiful fighting system is like.

Tapping the Japanese Market

Bearing mostly Japanese texts, it is also apparent that certain information in the trailer is aimed at the Japanese audience. The latter part being a tell-tale sign considering a message that concerns the game’s slated closed beta testing.

As it appears, the game is going for a closed beta prior to release, beginning on July 29 until August 25, 2020. Interested parties, at least those in Japan, are therefore encouraged to sign up for the event until July 26, 2020.

It is worth noting that, while the registration is open for everyone in Japan, only 20,000 individuals can join the event. Specifically, split into two between iOS and Android users.

Image used courtesy of NieR Re[in]carnation

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