Newly released Android mobile games that players should try

Android games are getting bigger and better with each release. This month’s new mobile games are worth the time while everyone is stuck at home.

With so many problems in the world right now, it is really an odd time to be alive. However, on the brighter side, people can just sit inside the whole day and play new mobile games.

Even if the world is at a standstill, it can be comforting that gamers still can play new mobile games comfortably at home.

Here are this month’s newest Android games:

Monster Legends

Critics say that  Monster Legends is a rip off from the Pokemon game franchise but the game actually is far more laidback.

The new mobile game lets players a wildlife park, where they can keep various monsters and train them to be better warriors. According to a top fan, each monster requires a unique habitat and will evolve to a stronger one once it meets the requirements.

Players can then take them to Wars and Battlegrounds to hone Monster Master Skills. A report from their official page states that there are more than 600 catchable monsters.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile

In their own unique way, the classic Crash Bandicoot games are endless runners. The original game puts players in tight spots and the only way to survive was to run forward through a road filled with obstacles.

This new mobile game is an endless runner such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Players will never run out of ways to play the game. The game’s simplicity is what makes this new mobile game addictive and nostalgic.


Riot Games finally released Fortnite on Google Play last April. This is a huge step for the developers ever since it stated that they will only allow downloads on their own website.

Looking at its player database, Fortnite now stands as one of the most popular games today. The game features a 100-man battle royale that incorporates crafting buildings to keep the game interesting.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

This new mobile game focuses on what happened 48 years later after the events of the Game of Thrones TV series. It is basically a kingdom-building strategy game.

Players can recruit various heroes, build their castle and send someone beyond the wall to gather some loot. The game is not as deep as what GOT fans think it should be. In addition, the game is also lacking in graphics design expecting it is a game in 2020.

Players are a bit disappointed but the game mechanics are fine as silk. Fans can only hope that a few updates to this new mobile game will make the experience better.

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