Newly released Steam games under $25 worth playing today

5 newly released Steam games under $25 worth playing

It is time for another round-up of newly released Steam games that are worth playing. These Steam games are the must-have among the ocean of titles available.

The newly released Steam games included on this list do not exceed US$25[AU$37]. It is a great selection of affordable titles that do not break the bank. These titles vary from puzzles, strategy, fighting games, and more.

It is not necessary to spend a lot on the great gaming experience. Here are the top five newly released titles on Steam that are worth getting.

1. Embr ($19.99)

Embr - newly released Steam games

Muse Games did a unique take on cooperative play through EmbrIt is a first-person firefighting game that is reminiscent of Overcooked and Moving Out.

The player takes the role of a firefighter in a “hyper-capitalist reality” setting. Except that he has no experience in firefighting at all.

It is a chaotic and funny game that promises endless fun. Who would have thought that tossing an old dude from the second story is acceptable?

The game is still on early access, but the features are promising. It even offers crossplay co-op, alongside the regular online co-op game mode.

Embr currently has a 20% discount on Steam bringing it to $16.

2. Monster Train ($22)

Monster Train

Here comes a new strategy game from Shiny Shoe. Monster Train is a new rogue-like deckbuilding game with over 220 cards to choose from.

This game features a single-player story mode with an online multiplayer option.

The solo campaign allows the player to choose from the five clans available. Different clans have different skillsets and unique gameplay.

There is one primary clan. A secondary support clan is chosen after.

Nonetheless, what makes this game unique is its mechanics. Each character has different gameplay. There are card upgrades and more than 88 artifacts to choose from.

3. Umurangi Generation ($14.99)

Umurangi Generation

This game is quite unique for a first-person shooter. Umurangi Generation is a photography game wherein every composition, angle, colors, and photography elements are judged.

It is literally a shooting game sans the guns. But, it is a great game for creatives who are stuck due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The gameplay also involves selling the photographs. Each photo has a different price depending on the output. Equipment upgrades come as the game progresses. New lenses, new cameras, and accessories are unlocked as well.

For photographers, it will be easy to adjust to the in-game controls available. However, it is also newbie-friendly and makes photography concepts easier to understand.

4. Space Haven ($22.99)

Space Haven

Among the newly released Steam games, Space Haven is another great game. It is a simulation strategy game that lets the player create a spaceship from scratch.

There are a lot of elements to look out for in the game. It does not focus on the building itself.

But, players need to tend to the needs of the in-game characters as well. The crew must be well-fed. Their meters should be monitored like in The Sims game series.

The number of crews grows larger as the game progresses. The floating spaceship roams the universe and characters join the journey.

Moreover, another challenge in-game is gas monitoring. The spaceship has different rooms with limited oxygen. It is up to the player to create the best condition for the crew and the ship.

5. Timelie ($18.99)

Timelie - the best newly released Steam games

Puzzle games are a great way to past time. Timelie fits in that narrative perfectly as well. The great art style, unique levels, and challenging puzzles make it a great brain exercise.

There is a unique game mechanic in the game—time manipulation. Timelie allows the player to move forward through time or go back. This mechanic is handy as it is used to prevent any disaster or to correct something wrong in the past.

The protagonist’s sidekick is a cat. The cat is controllable as well making it a single-player co-op play.

If the puzzles are not your cup of tea, then the visuals might be. The art style gives a unique feel to it making it more enjoyable to play.

There are a lot of newly released Steam games today. But Timelie is one of the best out there. It is addicting, to say the least.

Images used courtesy of Embr, Space Haven, Monster Train, Umurangi Generation, Timelie (1) & (2) /Steam

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