Nexon’s ‘KartRider Rush+’ gets a massive 10 Million download in two weeks

KartRider Rush+ trailer screenshot

At two weeks after its launch on mobile, Nexon’s latest mobile brainchild has already reached the top of the charts in both App Store and Google Play after reaching a download count of 10 million.

The game originally released in the West on May 15, 2020.

A Cute-Looking Racing Title

KartRider Rush+, to the unaware, is a racing game and the latest mobile title by the Japanese-Korean company, Nexon. It spawns as another entry in the KartRider series.

The series had its start in 2004 and has long-standing popularity and success in South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

The series sees multiple titles releases in the West, namely the original KartRider, KartRider Rush, and KartRider Dash. However, both the original and Rush’s presence have been short-lived due to commercial problems.

KartRider Rush, which was released in the iOS, managed to survive for nearly four years since its release in 2011.

Familiar Kind of Racing

As a racing title, KartRider Rush+ is reminiscent of popular titles in the genre, primarily for their cutesy graphics and high-octane racing.

Whereas Mario Kart Racing has Mario and Crash Team Racing has Crash Bandicoot as their mascots, the game has Dao. A character that is somewhat reminiscent of Hudson Soft, now Konami’s iconic white-blue bomber, Bomberman.

While the game’s high-speed racing is undeniably its selling point, its cute and colorful graphics also add to its overall appeal. Not necessarily on the same level as Mario Kart or CRT, but vibrant enough to pique many people’s interests.

Gameplay-wise, the game also obviously borrows inspiration from Crash Team Racing for its heavy inclusion of race-winning shortcuts. Essentially giving an advantage to players with solid familiarity with the game’s overall 50 tracks. With that many tracks to race and familiarize, it will take a while before someone could discover the game’s many hidden secrets.

Adding more interest to the game is its customization feature, which gives players the chance to custom-figure their ride. That also includes choosing which pet to carry with you across your races and elsewhere.

Simulation Component

Although a racing game, for the most part, there’s also a simulation aspect to KartRider Rush+, too. This involves an in-game real estate that houses player’s avatar, including their chosen ride to park in it. Even your pet can tag along as well, which you can walk across the yard.

Players can also customize their property, too, making for a good diversion from the game’s core racing gameplay.

KartRider Rush+ is available for download in both Apple Store and Google Store.

Image used courtesy of Nexon Mobile Games/YouTube Screenshot

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