Next all-new Apple MacBook will look like a Surface Book

Next all-new Apple MacBook will look like a Surface Book

The next all-new Apple MacBook will reportedly look like Microsoft’s Surface Book based on a patent published and applied for by Apple.

Apple still has so many products slated for release this year. However, it hasn’t been confirmed if they will go all-out in one event. Meanwhile, Samsung did a three-part special Unpacked 2020 event, instead of pouring all they had in one go.

Apple could do the same for the iPhone 12, and its other products still to be announced. Included in the upcoming lineup are the AirPods Studio, Apple AirTags, and Apple HomePod.

It remains to be seen if Apple will release the first-ever Apple Silicon-powered Mac computer this year. However, a recent patent gives fans a glimpse of what Apple has been working on for the inevitable all-new MacBook.

The all-new Apple Macbook could look like the Surface Book

Apple rattled the computer world earlier this year when it announced that it would forego Intel as its chip supplier. In its place, Apple Silicon will take over. The company’s rationale is quite simple. It said that it wanted to take control of the pace of how the company’s computers move forward.

As such, it will forge its path to make its own processors. This bit of news isn’t novel. Users can expect only the fastest and most efficient processors from Apple Silicon. However, no news about the external parts of the new computers has been leaked nor released.

Fortunately, the guys over at Patently Apple were quick to notice the patent published for Apple’s new MacBook design. The patent particularly focuses on the hinge design, which doesn’t follow the usual open and fold mechanism.

Instead, the fulcrum looks a lot like the Surface Book’s hinge. The mechanism looks more like a clamshell hinge, which doesn’t fold completely flat. Its design is composed of multiple layers that curls and lays flat without the keyboard chassis lifting from a flat and rest surface.

The patent also applies to a keyboard cover for a tablet

The recently published patent is not a guarantee that it will see the light of day in the future. However, it is interesting to note that Apple filed the patent to apply not only to a laptop computer but also to a tablet keyboard accessory.

In other words, Apple could be planning to make the Macbook and the iPad, with the cover, look similar. Ewan Spence of Forbes also assumes that the new hinges also allow for a 2-in-1 to finally make a debut in Apple.

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