Next Amazon CEO says he’s committed to making video games

In the wake of the Google Stadia Games and Entertainment Division shutdown, Amazon CEO says he is committed to making new video game titles.

Responding to a news report about a recent turmoil in the gaming division, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has told his staff that there is a bright future ahead of them.

Jeff Bezos steps down as the CEO of Amazon

One day before he was made the CEO of Inc, Andy Jassy have said to his staff that he is committed to making it a better experience for everyone.

He has acknowledged all the stark challenges that the team has faced. According to recent reports, he said that the growing gaming division wouldn’t affect anyone.

The failure of Amazon Game Studios has been transparent over the years. In the recently drafted email, Jassy admits that the gaming studio has made some terrible mistakes. But he also reaffirms Amazon’s bright future in video game making.

Jassy has shown support towards Mike Frazzini, the head of Amazon Game Studios. According to the last week’s examination, the company has faced many issues while developing games liked by individuals.

The story which was published is based on and features about 30 current or former Amazon employees.

“Some businesses take off in the first year, and others take it years to flourish,” wrote Jassy, currently the head of Amazon’s cloud computing division and Frazzini’s boss.

“Though we haven’t got the deliberate success in AGS, I believe we will if we hang in there.”

Bezos supported the company’s entry into video game creation

The company tried to take an entry into video game creation earlier in 2012.

Since then, Amazon has spent millions of dollars trying to do its in-house production. They have produced two big-budget games-as they both flopped. The company has even rejected countless projects.

On Monday, Google announced that they were shutting down their Game Development Studio.

Frazzini had never made a video game before because he was appointed as the Amazon studios head.

The lack of experience he had was a frequent complaint received from all employees. Frazzini later wrote to his team that he has learned and improved in many ways, coming through.

He has said that making video games is hard work to do, and it shall be done right. But since the production studio is just learning and trying to get their hands on, supposedly, it does not mean they will get it right on the first try.


Image courtesy of Amazon Web Services/YouTube Screenshot

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