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Next ‘Call of Duty’ title may go to Cold War era


Call of Duty will likely head towards Cold War, as a CoD insider confirms in Twitter.

Infamous leaker Okami slapped up a makeshift cover art for the game, titled Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War. The slipshod cover art is an announcement that has merit in the past. More sources listed the potential “Cold War” Call of Duty in different industry sources.

These comes straight from anonymous informants from the publisher itself. According to reports, the game will come to Vietnam and initially slated for both Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software. Due to a disagreement between both studios, Treyarch is taking care of the next CoD title.

Call of Duty: Vietnam is potential working title for upcoming game

Call of Duty: Vietnam is a title that existed since ever. One of the many CoD cybersleuths is a Youtuber named TheGamingRevolution. TGR claims that the next title will not be a Black Ops sub-game, but rather a mainline title.

The title Call of Duty: Vietnam is not a new title at all. The Vietnam subtitle was a mainline game under development with Sledgehammer Games in 2011. The game received eight months of total development time until the company shelved it.

The game was going to happen in the 1960s – 1970s, and go to locations like Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The team went on to eventually to create Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare instead.

CoD: Vietnam was going to shift away from the traditional first-person perspective CoD used. Vietnam was supposed to be the first third-person shooter for the franchise.

Current CoD games are likely to build up to CoD: Vietnam

Among the many conflicting reports, there is one denominator that stays the same. CoD is coming to Cold War and will feature it as a whole. Even the current titles are gearing up to a potential Cold War theme.

For starters, CoD: Warzone has many Cold War-related assets that make the connection too close for comfort. Bunkers and spy planes are only a few things that relate Warzone to the Cold War. It doesn’t help that Warzone is supposed to connect to another CoD game.

In a tweet by industry insider Jason Schreier, the next Call of Duty will likely come Fall 2020. Schreier even namedropped “CoD: Vietnam” as the next potential title for the game.

Activision has a bad reputation due to its development of back-to-back CoD titles. The publisher can generate a new title year each because they allow three studios to develop games. These are Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer games.

The Cold War remained an untouched subject in many Call of Duty installments. Getting a title for it now will likely offer a fresher perspective to fans tired of the traditional WW2 and modern warfare.

Featured image courtesy of Treyarch/Youtube Screenshots

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