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Next ‘Call of Duty’ title is ‘Black Ops Cold War’, ‘Warzone’ teases


Call of Duty: Warzone may have just confirmed the 2020 title installment—reports suggest that fans of the first-person shooter video will witness the release of Black Ops Cold War this fall.

The biggest easter egg in Call of Duty: Warzone has been deeply analyzed, with a strong theory that the mysterious secret bunker door—Bunker 11—has something to do with the 2020 Call of Duty title.

The latest patch notes revealed that the bunker doors can indeed be opened using Red Access Keycards. Opening the doors will reveal rooms that pack high-quality gear and cash for loot.

However, there were other doors that still couldn’t be open.

It started out with unexplained interactive devices—laptops and phones alike—sprawling around the Verdansk map. Slowly, as the game progressed, there was a subtle addition of Russian audio messages that were observed.

Fast forward to today, where the CoD community has finally found a way to open Bunker 11, and a nuclear warhead was discovered.

Bunker 11 hid the Black Ops Cold War secret

Among all the Warzone bunkers, only Bunker 11 would not open using the Red Access Keycards. This has caused a massive community discussion on Reddit where players worked together to decode the secret behind the locked door.

With the use of Warzone phone, players tried to decipher a code that’ll finally open Bunker 11. Meanwhile, Eurogamers reports that YouTube streamer Geek Gaming Squad used a drone to “clip through the walls” and discovered the said nuclear warhead.

Accordingly, the supposed Cold War spy plane was confirmed by data miners in a Modern Warzone Discord—identifying it as “nuke_coreless.”

Also, adding in other puzzle pieces to the discussion, there was an odd “message” at the bottom of the latest patch note, that could be a reference to the stations in Black Ops:

Number station <redacted> is Protocol Yellow. Activate <redacted> system. <redacted> is inbound. Awaiting correct authorization.

What does this all mean for the next title?

The media outlet says the code may further strengthen Kotaku‘s report that the 2020 Call of Duty title shall be a Black Ops 5, set in a Vietnam Cold War.

In addition, well-noted Call of Duty leaker, Okami, recently tweeted a mock-up CoD game cover with the title Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The mock-up didn’t come with a caption, as the title itself may have already been self-explanatory.

Should all of these be proven to be true, then the next title will set players back to the 1960s, where missions include battling out amid the Vietnam War.

Forbes noted that players may witness “going back to the original Black Ops” to a certain extent, as the next title will likely be “a ‘returning to its roots’ type thing.”

Meanwhile, the highly buzzed possible Call of Duty title is reportedly set to be officially announced this fall, with Treyarch developing it. Activision is predicted to promote the next game by dropping in-game hints—Fortnite-like.

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