Next-gen 4K-capable Nintendo Switch strongly teased again

The gaming community is struck with new rumors once again about the possibility of having a 4K-capable next-generation Nintendo Switch in the market.

Sony and Microsoft have long been teasing and hyping the gaming community with their set of next-gen consoles. Due to this highly talked about console war, many wonder about the Nintendo Switch.

The console war is quite the hot topic lately that even KFC tried to hop on the trend train and jokingly showcased its very own console. As all other console progressed, gamers wondered about the Nintendo Switch.

The ups and downs

This handheld console has its hype train going on since its release back in 2017. Animal Crossing: New Horizons heightened its fame this year. There’s been a reported shortage of the Switch since the home quarantines started.

Among all the key features that make Switch better than the PlayStation and the Xbox, two of which are worth highlighting are its physical ability to be very handy and its flexibility—can be enjoyed through via TV or any other screen, aside from being its console screen.

Next-gen 4K-capable Nintendo Switch strongly hinted once again

Although maintaining or having to keep up with the Nintendo Switch trend is quite an expensive mode of entertainment. Yet, many still prefer this handheld console instead of the PlayStation or the Xbox.

However, one of its downsides is its limited games. Just like its forefathers, such as the Game Boy and the Nintendo GameCube, it can only run at a maximum specification far from what the PlayStation and the Xbox can do.

But what if Nintendo plans to correct that soon?

The possibility of a next-gen Nintendo Switch

Rumors about the possibility of a Switch Pro or a 4K-capable edition have made its fair share of rounds online. But recently, such rumors sparked once again after a “cryptic tweet” from one of the Nintendo Switch game developers.

As Comicbook reports, FDG Entertainment made a “pretty direct hint” to this possibility.

FDG Entertainment is the creator of the hit-2018 game, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. It recently announced the game’s upcoming update for the next-gen consoles, supporting “native 4K/120fps.”

One of its players replied that they had the Switch version of the game. This player expressed, “Looks like I gotta hunt down a PS4 copy.”

FDG replied, teasing: “Who knows ?! Maybe Switch also has some next-gen hardware in the oven?”

Of course, this does not directly confirm the existence of a next-gen Nintendo Switch. But, this teasing tweet does add on to the pile of evidence that Nintendo might be brewing something new for the Switch.

According to Bloomberg last week, Nintendo has asked “[s]everal outside game developers” to make their games “4K-ready.” This highly suggests a possible resolution upgrade for the handheld console.


Images courtesy of Shinji/Flickr, gut2000/Shutterstock

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