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Next-gen Nintendo Switch gets an indefinite release window?


A potential Nintendo Switch successor is likely underway. However, it’s release date might still be a few years from now.

As Micky News previously reported, a next-gen 4K-capable Nintendo Switch is being wildly teased and hinted. New information emerges further confirming its apparent possibility.

The future of Nintendo consoles

Dot Esports reports of the Nintendo Switch successor citing the gaming giant’s “corporate management policy briefing” for 2020. Under the “Future Outlook” for the Nintendo consoles, the Switch console was followed by a question mark image.

For the description of the mysterious IP, it says, “Integrated Hardware-Software”—similar to the Switch. On the second line, however, it wrote, “Next gaming system.”

For the release date, it only notes “20xx.” The good news is, at least we know Nintendo is planning to release the next-gen console this century.

An excerpt of that report reads:

“We also created a foundation for maintaining our relationship with those consumers going forward. In the future, Nintendo still plans to expand its business around the creation of unique integrated hardware-software products. We are also advancing the development of services based on our Nintendo Account program that complement our business.”

Possible release window

The gaming publication further noted that the 2017 Switch “was ‘barely in the middle’ of its cycle.” This was a statement read from Nintendo‘s investor Q&A report from May 2020.

Looking at some production patterns from when Wii U was released in 2012, following the 2006 Wii, there’s an approximate six years lifespan.

So the publication predicts a potential release window sometime in 2023. Which is not as long as many might think.

Looking at it from a broad perspective, hints are slowly falling into place. Should the reports turn out to be true, Nintendo is already asking game developers to develop 4K-ready titles.

Most likely more information will come into light next year, considering the coronavirus pandemic might have halted any development the gaming giant had in place. It wouldn’t be a big surprise though.

Nintendo can hardly keep up with the production of more Nintendo Switch consoles for distribution because of supply issues getting disrupted.

In a recent report from Bloomberg, Nintendo has many plans slated for 2021 and onwards. The Kyoto-based gaming giant intends to “continue developing hardware to pursue unique entertainment offerings.”

Although the report entails that the company is set to extend its console’s life cycle. The publication quotes Katsuhiko Hayashi of the Famitsu Group, saying, “Our data suggest the Switch hasn’t fulfilled demand yet.”

Hayashi believes that “Switch sales are likely to gain further momentum at the year-end.”

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