Next-generation Windows Microsoft to launch on 24 June

Microsoft will hold a Windows event on June 24. Tech Giants plan the future generation of Windows.

Microsoft plans to present the “next generation of Windows” during an event organized later this month. On 24 June, both Microsoft CEOS Satja Nadella and Product Chief Officer Panos Panay will participate in the Windows event.

Previously, Nadella had trickled next-generation Windows, and all major changes are expected over the next couple of days to come. The business expects a lot of visual improvements.

“We’re soon going to deliver one of the major Windows updates of the last decade to provide developers and artists greater economic potential,” said Nadella.

Next-generation Windows event details

A new event on the internet was organized by Redmond, a US technology company, on June 24 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (8.30 pm IST). Microsoft also sent a message via the Windows Twitter handle, where all that comes next for Windows is highlighted.

An image connected to the event suggests that the Windows logo might also alter slightly. Users may head to the event page and make a Microsoft reminder.

It is strongly anticipated that the next version of Windows will be launched. Windows is the leading personal computer operating system but requires a serious makeover.

The business works internally on the huge Windows 10 Interface called “Sun Valley.”

Next-generation Windows updates:

During the Holiday 2021 season, a large UI upgrade is planned to take place. The project in Sun Valley will provide a new start menu and taskbar, icons, music, app designs, and fluid animation for Windows 10.

It is also suggested that the Microsoft Windows App Store might be revamped.

The Redmond-based powerhouse programs used to function with Windows 10X, a lightweight operating system for Chrome OS. A new form of dual pcs and foldable equipment was meant to be powered.

In fact, the futuristic Microsoft Surface Neo was labeled as the Windows 10X demonstration tablet. Microsoft decided, however, to cancel the OS.

Some of its graphic work, new system icons, and some changes to File Explorer and the end of the Windows 95 icon have been developed.

Some basic Windows fundamentals will also be approved, which will provide fixes for a multi-monitor rearrangement of programs. The Xbox Auto HDR function will also include the company’s newest update, including Bluetooth audio compatibility upgrades.

Nadella says that the business will give its developers and artists a stronger economy within Windows itself.

In the meanwhile, it has also worked on a new Windows app store. The app shop with all applications and rival payment methods is quite probably.


Image courtesy of Beebom/YouTube

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