Next iPad Air to only get one camera lens, and it’s ultra-wide

The next iPad Air to be released will allegedly only have one camera lens, but it will be an ultra-wide lens instead of a regular one.

WWDC 2020 marked one of the most historic days of Apple. It was then that they announced their complete shift to ARM chips. Moreover, all their devices will be powered by Apple Silicons. The first one rumored to be powered by the new chipsets will be the iMac, and it is expected to be released before the year ends.

The shift to Apple Silicon means that they will be able to control their devices’ fate completely. They won’t have to rely on third-party chip suppliers any more. As such, they can do whatever they want with their devices and be fully responsible for it. Unfortunately, they may be taking it to another level.

iPad Air with one camera lens only?

The iPad Air is Apple’s mid-tier tablet sandwiched between the iPad and iPad Pro. Its main selling proposition lies with its ultra-thin body and light-weight build. Outside of that, it essentially has the same features as the regular iPad without the extra hardware of the iPad Pro.

Several rumors have surfaced about the features of the next iPad Air. Some include the expected ones, such as the mini-LED screens. Also, it will have Apple’s latest chipsets. However, one recent leak could make the new tablet undesirable.

Apple leaker, Komiya, claims that the iPad Air will only have one camera lens. By itself, the rumor is not a surprise. The basic iPad only has one lens anyway. Considering its mid-tier pricing, it’s also expected not to have two camera lenses. However, the leaker said that the sole camera lens would be an ultra-wide one.

Why ultra-wide?

There is still no guarantee if this rumor is true. Only Apple can confirm or deny this during the iPad Air’s launch.

The only plausible explanation for the adaption of the ultra-wide camera is the usage situations of iPad. The device isn’t normally used to take portraits of persons. Instead, these are used for landscape shots or technically wider shots.

As such, adapting an ultra-wide lens allows Apple to maintain the mid-tier pricing of the iPad Air without bloating the price. Also, having it means that users may always get crisp wide shots and just edit the photos after taking the pictures. That is if they want to have a tighter focus on a subject.

After all, Komiya also shares that the ultra-wide lens will have a 12MP sensor. It means that wide-angle shots will come out clearer, allowing zoom on the photos without compromise.

Image from Bloomicon/Shutterstock

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