Next three free Epic Games Store releases following ‘GTA 5’ leaked

Next three free Epic Games Store releases following 'GTA 5' leaked

The next three game titles lined up for the Epic Games Store Free Games event as part of its Mega Sale has been reportedly leaked online.

Bargain hunters have developed a keen eye for rumors and possible leaks as everyone stands by for the next Epic Games Store giveaway.

Last week, as Micky News previously reported, rumors about GTA 5 being the next free title was confirmed due to a tweet slip up from the official Epic Games Store. This resulted in a massive server fiasco that Epic Games account holders are still having ongoing issues with.

This time, a standard quality camera snap has been circulating online, showing three game titles along with GTA 5 in what appears to be from the Epic Games Store itself.

Not only were the game titles exposed, but the said image also showed the corresponding dates of its alleged release.

Game titles revealed

Accordingly, the rumored titles that might be up for grabs in the following weeks to come are as follows:

  • Civilizations VI 
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
  • Ark Survival Evolved

Per the image, Civilizations VI is set to follow the GTA 5 giveaway with it being slated to be free-to-keep on May 21, and Borderlands: The Handsome Collected to be given the next Thursday after that, May 28. Lastly, Ark Survival Evolved will likely be the last giveaway penned on June 4.

Leak not to be taken seriously

One very important detail to note is that the Epic Games Store Mega Sale is set to end on June 11, which is also a Thursday. As the digital store promotes, Epic Games will drop a new title for free every Thursday.

So, if that’s the case, the leak is lacking one more title, doubting its validity. On the other hand, Epic Games might not be planning a June 11 free game release—highly unlikely.

Readers are reminded to always take rumors with a grain of salt. The origin of the alleged leak—a Reddit post—even mentioned that the titles leaked are “not certain.”

Reddit user, Detectiveconan77, who uploaded the said snapshot, commented that his source is from—”my friend threw from a discord channel.”

Other Redditors have commented that the supposed Epic Games Store website layout is a bit off, which makes the image somehow suspicious.

But if the leak turns out to be true, then everyone is in for a month-long treat.

Meanwhile, GTA 5 is still up for grabs until May 21. Make sure to get your copy as early as possible as server downtime has been recurrent ever since the Mega Sale started on May 14.

Featured image courtesy of Epic Games/Twitter

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