Next town takeover being teased in ‘Apex Legends’

The mini-events between seasons in Apex Legends add a lot of variety in the game, but what fans love most are the town takeovers. These minor map changes celebrate some of the heroes in the game, and it seems like the next ones about to start.

It has been a while since we saw the last town takeover in Apex Legendsand we could be getting a new one soon. Some players have begun seeing teases for the next town takeover, and it’s all related to everyone’s favorite hacker in the game.

Next town takeover in King’s Canyon

Players have begun spotting the latest tease on June 16. There are several banners near Repulsor, which have a black background and a set of green binary numbers. This, of course, is direct call-outs to Crypto. Before entering the game, Crypto hacked the banners around the map as well, and at times, the banners turned pitch black.

Aside from that, players have spotted flags within the area too. This simply means that a new town takeover event is coming near the area. The flags signify and under construction sign which fans of the game are probably familiar with by now.

Some players went above and beyond to learn more about the tease by deciphering the binary code found in Apex Legends. When translated, the code says, “if u can see me, I can.”

Data miners have also discovered that this is just the first tease for the new town takeover. The next one is dropping on June 18, while the next one is on June 20. This means that the event is coming sooner than expected.

What else is new

The most recent update to the game opened up the bunkers in King’s Canyon. The bunker between Water Treatment and the Broken Coast South Region now has a countdown timer, which indicates that players can access the loot bunker in a few days.

With the opened bunkers and the new town takeover event, players have a lot to do in the game. These areas are going to be filled with loot, so players will need to act fast and swift if they want to come out of these areas fully kitted.

Respawn Entertainment is at it again with their teases for Apex LegendsIt will be exciting to see how Crypto’s town takeover is going to be like as compared to others so far.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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