‘Next Up Hero’ is free in the Epic Games store

Next Up Hero is free in the Epic Games store

Next Up Hero joins Tacoma as the free games on the Epic Games store this week. Grab the free titles until June 30.

Minecraft Dungeons might be the talk of the dungeon crawler community today. But, Next Up Hero is worth considering especially now that it is free.

Next Up Hero was first released in 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version was launched later that year.

Next Up Hero up for grabs until July 30

Next Up Hero gameplay

This game is an action dungeon crawler. Next Up Hero retains the majority of elements that make a great game of that genre.

It is like Diablo but with cute graphics. This game is great to play. But it has its fair share of quirks as well.

Each character in the game has their own set of abilities. These abilities are essential in taking down monsters.

This game has a unique feature as well. It has “resurrection.” Players who die may be revived by the next “hero.” However, revived heroes become AIs.

It basically does what any top-down dungeon crawler does. Players kill enemies, explore lands, and loot the dead.

Do not be fooled by the cute looks

Next Up Hero’s art style may look cute and childish. However, do not be fooled. This game is difficult. The easy settings may not be enough to reduce the game into a breeze.

There are several mechanics that make the game extremely difficult. But the most difficult one is there is no regeneration of health bars. That is right—there are no regeneration items or potions to instantly heal.

Moving on to the next level might seem like a fresh start. But that is not the case. Whatever health is lost in the previous levels do not get replenished on the next dungeon.

The only things that may help players survive are the “echoes” and the “ancients.”

Echoes are revived heroes as mentioned earlier. Players may find them scattered around the dungeon. Eight echoes can be recruited on a certain level.

These echoes do not do much damage alone. However, a full squad of eight echoes significantly adds damage.

On the other hand, Ancients help players by providing powerups. These powerups cost echoes though. Use it sparingly.

Certain heroes have their own additional powers. For example, Ely has a temporary health boost while Numbskull gains melee assistance.

Next Up Hero echoes are here to help

Beware of aggressive enemies

Still speaking of difficulty, the enemies in-game are very aggressive. These are not the types that can be ignored as found in different games.

Besides the aggressiveness, these enemies deal a lot of damage. It is way too risky to take a hit from these monsters. This is considering that there is no health regeneration available.

There is a dash ability to avoid these monsters. However, it would be better to just pick a long-range character and poke enemies from a distance. The hack-and-slash strategy does not simply work here.

Is it worth downloading?

Definitely. It would have been a hard call if it is still priced at US$10.13[AU$14.19]. However, for a free online co-op game, it is worth getting.

Spending ten bucks on a frustratingly hard game might not be justified. Getting it for free? Now that is worth putting in a game library.

Dungeon-crawler fans will definitely love this game. Digital Continue managed to sneak in a unique feature that differentiates it from other games.

Next Up Hero is clearly worth getting today. If Tacoma is the mellow game, then this title is the one for action lovers. Epic Games did a great job picking the free games of the week.

Images (1) (2) (3) courtesy of  Next Up Hero/Nintendo

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