Nextdoor, Walmart teams up for neighborhood assistance program

Nextdoor teams up with Walmart to launch neighborhood assistance program

Nextdoor and Walmart are teaming up on “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” to help people request or offer assistance amid the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the official press release posted on Nextdoor’s and Walmart’s websites, the new “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program is a first for both the social networking service and the retail giant. 

But the initiative should be able to take full advantage of the companies’ existing resources, especially Nextdoor’s current network of members and Walmart’s vast number of locations scattered across the United States.

Through its official Twitter page, Nextdoor also highlighted the fact that the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program will be contact-free to ensure the safety of both the recipients and delivery personnel:

Building on a previous effort

As pointed out in Nextdoor’s official blog, this latest collaboration with Walmart is actually a logical progression from an earlier effort.

Nextdoor had recently introduced Nextdoor Groups, an initiative that basically allows the social networking service’s members to come together based on a common project, hobby, or personal interest.

It is not surprising then that the new “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” feature also makes use of tools that are already existing for Nextdoor Groups.

For instance, members who are seeking assistance can just head to the “Groups” tab (on Nextdoor’s website or via its mobile app), and they will be able to check the Walmart locations nearest to where they live, courtesy of the Nextdoor Help Map. 

The additional information is regarding the Walmart branch’s business hours is also displayed.

They can send a message to the group to request for help, or get in touch with a neighbor either through direct message or by posting on the message board. 

Of course, the same process also applies to those who want to actively offer assistance. They can use the “Groups” tab to announce their intention, and then coordinate with the intended recipients through the message board or direct message in order to sort out the details of the pick-up or delivery.

Nextdoor Walmart delivery assistance

Kindness and generosity amid COVID-19

True enough, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has drastically impacted the daily lives of countless folks everywhere. 

But it also became the backdrop of inspiring stories of kindness, compassion, and generosity, even among strangers.

As shared by Nextdoor in its press release, it has borne witness to a seven-fold increase in members who are joining groups in order to offer help to others. 

The assistance they are offering could be as simple as checking in with those old folks living just around the corner or volunteering to do grocery runs for a neighbor across the street.

Companies joining forces

Of course, Nextdoor and Walmart are not the only companies teaming up in doing their part in the fight against the pandemic. 

Instacart recently partnered with Costco for prescription delivery services.  

Even fierce rivals Google and Apple are setting aside competition for a moment in order to collaborate on a contact tracing tech. 

Images courtesy of Nextdoor 

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