NFL player to be paid his salary in Bitcoin

Talk about extreme love for Bitcoin!

Sean Culkin, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League, has revealed that he will have his entire 2021 salary in Bitcoin (BTC), making him the first NFL player to convert all his earnings into cryptocurrency. cited the tweet of Culkin last Monday, saying: “I fully believe Bitcoin is the future of finance, and I wanted to prove that I have real skin in the game – not just trying to make quick buck.” He added, “I will be converting my entire 2021 NFL salary to Bitcoin.”

Culkin, reportedly having a base salary of $920,000, will be paid by the Chiefs in cash but will be converted to BTC on a weekly basis through Strike by Zap.

A Bitcoin lover at heart

The NFL stalwart has always been a strong Bitcoin supporter. Last March 18, he said that his salary is league minimum, but if he is buying the digital currency or, better yet, being paid in BTC, he is one of the highest-paid players, although only a few would understand it.

The athlete also believes that considering his career, it makes sense to be paid in sound money that protects its purchasing power over time.

As if it weren’t enough, Culkin has also put laser eyes in his Twitter profile, with the underlying meaning that he is among those focused on Bitcoin’s price reaching $100,000.

Players being paid in Bitcoin

The trend seems to be growing among professional sports players, as Culkin is not the only one who has decided to be paid in Bitcoin.

Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Russel Okung also disclosed he received half of his $13-million salary in the form of digital currency. Since May 2019, he has been asking to be paid in Bitcoin, using Strike as what Culkin does.

National Basketball Association team Sacramento Kings has also announced earlier this month that it will offer its players the option of being paid in Bitcoin.


Image courtesy of CoinDesk/YouTube

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