NFT integration happening on Discord? Here’s the truth

NFT integration happening on Discord? Here's the truth

A now-closed survey reportedly asked various Discord users about their familiarity with NFT, DeFi, and Web3.

Discord is receiving a lot of attention in the last 24 hours due to its potential movements in the future. The talks on social media platforms continue to surge, involving the chat app’s possible crypto and NFT integration.

This seemingly began when a now-closed survey resurfaced on Twitter. Reports said that Discord users received them earlier in August, asking about their familiarity with DeFi (decentralized finance), Web3, and NFTs.

Amid the controversies, Discord founder and CEO Jason Citron shared a photo on Twitter on Tuesday. It remains unclear, though, whether his post has links to the now-closed survey’s recirculation on the platform.

Discord teases crypto and NFT integration

PC Gamer said that the post is a screenshot, showing an “unreleased” Discord integration for two crypto wallet apps, MetaMask and WalletConnect. This suggests that the chat app will soon allow users and subscribers to link their accounts with the said crypto wallets.

Reports noted, though, that it was a response to another Twitter user, who seemingly proposes that Discord is a “valuable place” for NFT and crypto. Nevertheless, not everyone appears to be pleased about the matter.

Discord fans are worried, “unhappy”

Numerous Discord users and Discord Nitro subscribers responded strongly to the matter. Most responses are “critical of the speculative status of NFTs,” as well as their impact.

On Reddit, one popular post even urges the developers of the chat app not to support NFTs. As for others, they are encouraging the rest to “protest” by cancelling their Discord Nitro subscriptions or requesting a refund.

Some Redditors also call on the platform to abandon the project, if there is one. They even labelled it as a “feature your userbase universally hates,” according to NME.

Not happening, “yet”

Despite all the talks and controversies, The Verge said that the crypto and NFT integration on Discord is not happening, yet. As asserted, it will not hit any server of the chat app “anytime soon.”

This comes as a Discord spokesperson released a statement about the recently-resurfaced survey. Speaking to the publication, the rep stated that the material was only a “fact-finding endeavour” that targeted users active in crypto communities on the chat app.

As explained, they are “always exploring and hacking away at things” that may improve Discord. These include research that will help them “learn about what people want.”

The same publication, later on, urged the public to “ease up” over the perception that an NFT integration will happen on Discord. Nevertheless, it added that it should probably be only for a little while considering that the platform has yet to respond to questions about the matter.

Featured Image courtesy of Discord/YouTube

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