Nhash: A revolutionary way for investors to earn from bitcoin mining


Bitcoin mining is one of the major ways to earn Bitcoin. In fact, the amount of Bitcoin held by miners has been increasing since 2019.

According to data from the on-chain data analytics website Glassnode, the miners held nearly 2 million of the 21 million BTC that will ever exist. This is a significant portion of the maximum supply and points to how much miners can earn.

However, the process of mining can be quite expensive, and not everyone can afford to mine directly. This is where Nhash comes in. The company presents a revolutionary way for investors to profit from Bitcoin mining without mine directly, thanks to its cloud mining services.

Here comes Nhash

Through this service, investors can pay for a mining contract and share the block rewards. This is convenient because they don’t need to know anything about mining or even crypto in general to invest. The company also uses its high-tech mining to mine ETH and LTC in addition to BTC.


Dividends are paid out to investors daily. With that, they can recover their investments quickly and decide to roll over the investment or turn it into cash for spending. Nhash gives customers a wide range of options when it comes to investing.

There are many investment options with different amounts and duration. Depending on the investment goals, customers can choose whatever plans suit them and start earning passive income through this process. At the moment, one can invest up to $12,000 in one investment, depending on their asset of choice. Once payment is made, dividends payment starts the next day.

Nhash innovations

Nhash recently came up with ways to reward customers both old and new. There is a signup bonus of $5 and a free $30 coupon to claim upon initial sign-up for new customers. It has introduced a referral program that pays 2% of the investment amount from anyone they refer to the platform for existing customers. This opens up an unlimited way to earn extra by just referring new customers.

To benefit from this revolutionary way of earning from Bitcoin mining, intending customers only need to sign up and pay for a mining contract. The company does the rest, and they just get paid their daily rewards. Sign up now and start earning.

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