Niantic accords insights into anti-cheat efforts: 5M cheaters halted in 2020

Niantic shares new updates on anti-cheats for its games after banning spoofers, cheaters, and botters.

Beginning in 2020, Niantic committed to furthering fair gameplay, protecting the uprightness of Niantic games, and developing clarity with all players. Niantic shared supplementary data on their new anti-cheating standards.

The measures were flourishing to a degree, and we now have the numbers to characterize these cases. The creator of Pokemon Go Niantic shared some stack of anti-cheat efforts in their blog.

Niantic has declared more than 5 million “punishments” to players caught cheating, with above 20 percent of those permabans. It’s more than a million people who have received the boot in hardly over a year. This includes bans from Pokémon GoIngress, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Updates on curb cheating in Niantic games

Niantic shared a list of updates on some of the up-to-date attempts to control defrauding in any game of Niantic. The post blog does not contain any encouraging words regarding the base player. Probably, more than 90% of spoofers had reduced cheating in the gameplay, some say.

  • Since 2020, more than 5 million spoofers across Pokémon GO, Ingress, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite were punished. More than 20% of the punishments were persistent bans with no limitations and said no change.
  • More than 90% of users who got their initial sign suspended defrauding afterward. It seems like they are still deciding the right balance between punishing casual cheaters vs. the more outrageous people.
  • Niantic partook that they have renewed/ promoted their technology haystack to find so-called positives more quickly in less possible time. Also, they enabled some ideas to make sure they are using the right tracking methods without prompting any error.

Additional Updates on Gameplay: Pokémon GO

  • Upon the Ingress side, Niantic operated a new Fast Track process. It, thus, would enable Agents to demand a quicker manual arbitration, just before the rogue Agent can cause more harm to the gameboard.
  • Since then, more than 4K Fast Track offers were listed and revealed in the announcement, of which 70% were eligible for an expedited inspection. And after investigating methods, Niantic took relevant actions against those reported Agents.
  • Niantic will be bestowing more information about their new Compartmental Access Level projects and proposals in the forthcoming weeks on the Ingress forum and their other social channels.
  • Cheating and spoofing begin to be an open-ended and continuous problem in the Pokémon GO community.
  • Even today, there has been no clear-cut and ultimate explication to put an end to defrauding. It’s lovely to see the company owner Niantic is acting to eradicate spoofing and his works towards providing a fair playing field for everyone.


Image courtesy of Niantic/YouTube Screenshot

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