Niantic announces featured monster for ‘Pokemon Go’ Community Day

May’s Pokemon Go Community Day will feature the Grass type Pokemon Seedot and it will occur on May 24th.

Niantic surprisingly announced that the next Pokemon Go Community Day will happen next Sunday. This time, Seedot, the acorn Pokemon will be the featured monster.

Time and Schedule

Just like the April’s Abra Community Day, the Community Day for May will also be a part of its Play at Home Edition. This means the event will last for 6 hours, increased duration for using incense and Go Snapshot rewards.

The event will be held on May 24, starting at 11AM up to 5PM local time. During these times, Seedot will appear more frequently in the wild and the chances of encountering its Shiny form will significantly increase.

Pokemon details

Seedot is a Grass-type Pokemon from the Generation 3 games which has 2 evolutions. In Pokemon Go, players can evolve Seedot into Nuzleaf using 25 candies and evolve it again into Shiftry for 100 candies.

When triggering Seedot’s final evolution during the event, it will learn an exclusive move called Bullet Seed which it can’t normally learn in the game.

Having Bullet Seed in Shiftry’s moveset is better than Razor Leaf but is still weaker than Snarl. Catching a Seedot is worth the hassle especially when it players want to join PvP.

Owning several of them means eligibility for the Great and Ultra League where Shiftry is pretty competent.

During the event, all XP points obtained from capturing Pokemon will be tripled.

Other in-game bonuses

  • Taking an in-game screenshot will give players a surprise gift. It will probably be a photobombed picture and an opportunity to catch Seedot.
  • Same as last month, the event will also feature an exclusive Special Research side quest. The quest is named Seeing Double which will offer rewards such as Goldern Razz Berries and incenses.

However, players will need to purchase the side quest for $1 (1.5AUD) to access it.

  • A Community Day bundle which includes the TM Elite Fast, 3 incense, 3 Lucky Eggs and 30 Ultra Balls.

This bundle is a must-have because of the rare TM included in it. The TM will be important in preparing Pokemon for the Go Battle League.

During the event, Niantic will be broadcasting the first-ever 24hr livestream on the Pokemon Go Youtube channel.

The Pokemon Go Community Day live stream will begin at 6PM of May 23 which will show Seedot and other Pokemon playing in the wild.

Featured image courtesy of Polygon/Website Screenshot

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