Niantic have officially shared ‘Pokemon Go’ battle league season 8

Niantic has shared their plans on the Pokemon Go battle league season 8.

Pokemon Go by Niantic is one of the main game which is trending these days. Especially because the game has a better focus and grasp on the AR world, the world of augmented reality is really amazing because it helps all the players think that they can catch Pokemons using their smartphones.

How did the reduction in Stardust happen?

Niantic has shared their detailed update on the Stardust rewards for the Pokemon Go Battle League. In the game, different leagues can come off and let all the players catch various Pokemons with the help of raids.

There are two types of raids that can occur, called the normal raid and the mega raid. In the mega raid, there are pretty much scarce Pokemons that players can get their hands on.

To put an effect into the community, the eighth season is going on right now. While catching Pokemons, players have to spend a considerable amount of Stardust on them because it helps them to evolve their already captured Pokemon on the Pokedex.

What did the team say about the situation?

Stardust is hard to gather because sometimes, the amount of Stardust that a person can have is often limited. The Stardust reward from Niantic is really a blessing in disguise because it can help many players catch their favorite.

Pokemon, which tags along and even evolves them right. Niantic previously has reduced the Stardust for events by roughly 50% for all the players, and the community was quick to find out. The company’s official Twitter account was asked several times that Stardust is an important thing in the match, and removing it can cause many issues for players.

This is why the team took the initiative to remove all the speculations and have added more options for players to gather Stardust with the help of match points and even scorecards.

Niantic has addressed all the comments there, and they have said in a statement that they were trying to add new features to the game and thus why the team decided to reduce the Stardust points.  Now Niantic has said that the reduction in points is a complete oversight from the team’s end, and they did make the change intentional for the eighth season.

The team has said that they are ready to compensate for the missed Stardust for the players on the first week, and they are trying to increase by the end of Season Eight.


Image courtesy of Poké AK/YouTube

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